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Know more about the latest updates and latest from the world of Microsoft Office and Office 365.

What is latest in Office?

Office has upgraded with more features that will let you put stock images, new data support from SharePoint and ODATA, and many security and bug fixes.

Amazing new security fixes and easy way to setup office on your device, makes it simple for you to redeem product key.

Office for Students

Office has extended its features to use for free for students and colleges during the Covid-19 Pandemic and has been supporting work from home.

Purchase from

Office is one of the most used software and it is based on a family of software. If you want to purchase office securely and easily without any problem, you can follow steps and purchase it online now.

  1. Go to
  2. Now, Click on “Get Office“.
  3. Check the plans and pricing.
  4. According to the plan that most suits your needs, Click “Buy Now“.
  5. Now follow the account creation and enter billing.
  6. Voila! You’re all done. You have purchased a new Office.

  1. Go to office setup at
  2. Sign In or Create a New Account.
  3. Enter Product Key, Country, Language.
  4. Select your purchased subscription.
  5. Download, Save, and Run Setup.
  6. Follow the On-Screen Installation wizard.
  7. You’re All Set. Get Started with Office apps.

Office 2020 and Office 365

Office 2019(2020 update) is one of the most advanced versions of Office since it was launched, While Office 365 is the same service but in form of a subscription. Both the software are under the product line of Microsoft and have hardly any difference except for the fact that Office 2020 is not subscription-based while Office 365 is a subscription-based program and has a few more features to offer, like Office 365 business emails and business features.

Sample of Office Product Key -
Sample of Office Product Key –

What is Product Key?

It is a 25 Alphanumeric generated product serial number that is confidential for the customer and is used to activate the subscription/product you have purchased. It can be found in your email, on the product box, or under the laptop. Depending on how you have purchased Office.

How to Cancel your Office Subscription

  1. Go to
  2. Sign In to your Microsoft Office Account.
  3. Now, open your Subscription and select Manage.
  4. Select Cancel and proceed with the cancellation.

If you are not getting any options such as cancel, you can directly skip to the Troubleshooting section to enquire about it.

How to
Install Updates

  1. Open any Office application.
  2. Go to Account under File menu.
  3. Click on Product Information.
  4. Now Choose Update Options and click on Update now.

If you do not see an update option or update button is disabled, you will need to check if the updates are enabled.

Check out what is latest

How to purchase office 365

Office has been around for quite a while now and it has been around to dominate. Microsoft Office has a lot going around with it and it is for everyone. It is not just for businesses or professionals,…

How to Activate Office

If you have downloaded a free trial version of the software or you have directly download the Office software from the website and you have an Office subscription that you want to activate, you can easily do so by following the steps below.

If you don’t have a Product Key:

  1. Open any Installed Office Application like Word, Powerpoint or any app.
  2. On the top Left Corner you can see a Sign in, Click on that.
  3. Now you will need to Sign In with the Microsoft Account that you used to Purchase Office.
  4. Once you have signed in your Office will automatically be Activated.

Activate using a Product Key:

  1. Go to or for Office setup.
  2. Now Sign in with your Microsoft Account or Create a new Account.
  3. Once that is done, Enter your product key, without spaces or hypen (-).
  4. You will be guided with On-Screen Instructions throughout the redemption process.

Here is a step-by-step guide on How to setup office from

You can install office directly from the app store in most of the cases as most of the operating systems are nowadays opting for but this is the most secure and easiest way to setup and install Office on your device.

  1. Go to office setup at

    Open your favourite Browser, enter Url or and hit enter. You can use any browser, the process remains same. This website is the official website where you can setup and install Office from.

  2. Sign In or Create a New Account.

    Under the “Hi, Let’s Get Started.” You will have the instructions to Sign In to your Microsoft Account and this is the same account that you use for most of the Microsoft Services, You do not need a new Microsoft Account for a different Microsoft Service. If you don’t have a Microsoft Account, you can always create a new one and it is pretty simple, just click on the Create a New Account button, the process will start with creating a new Account.

  3. Enter Product Key, Country, Language.

    After the Sign In, You need to enter your Product key without hyphen or space in-between and click next, In some cases, you might need to select your Country or Region and choose your Language too. and Click Next.

  4. Select your purchased subscription.

    After you click Next, your product key will be redeemed and Activated you will be redirected to your product page. You will have all the purchased products on this page, you now need to select your Office Subscription or purchase and click Install.

  5. Download, Save, and Run Setup.

    After you click the Install button, According to your Browser you will get a Save and Run prompt. In chrome and Chrome based browsers, the download with be on the bottom bar and you can click the download directly to open and run it. In explorer and other browsers the download is either set to be Run when the file is downloaded or Save. You can always manually run the file from the Downloads Folder.

  6. Follow the On-Screen Installation wizard.

    When you open and run the Office setup file, in windows you will get some prompts that will ask for permission to copy and extract the software files into your disk, and consent that this software is being installed by you, click Allow and Accept, the Office Installation setup will start, Now follow the on screen instructions and click next. Now Sit back and relax while the installation is in progress.

  7. You’re All Set. Get Started with Office apps.

    Once the installation process is finished, You will get a message “You’re all set.” you can open any application from the list of applications installed or you can click close and open any app later whenever you want to use it. Your office is successfully installed.

How to Un-Install Office

Follow the process that guides you through the uninstallation process in Windows, Mac and smartphones/tablets.

Uninstall on Windows:

  1. Go to Start Menu.
  2. Type Control Panel or Simply Search for Office.
  3. You can either Right click and Select Remove Office. Or if you are using older than windows 10. Go to Control Panel.
  4. Now select “Add or Remove Programs”.
  5. Find Office and click Change/Uninstall.
  6. Follow On-Screen guide to Remove Office.

Uninstall on MAC:

  1. Go to Finder.
  2. On the left side bar. You will a list of Folders.
  3. Go to Applications.
  4. In the Applications folder you can simply Highlight and Select the Office Applications.
  5. Drag the applications to Trash.
  6. Empty your Trash and you are all done.
  7. You can also use 3rd party applications to remove office from Mac.

Remove from iOS/Android:

  1. Go to your app drawer.
  2. Find Office application.
  3. Remove the application by holding the touch.
  4. Holding the application will give you options.
  5. Click on the Remove app option.
  6. A pop up with the messaging app uninstalled will appear. And your Office is removed.

Microsoft Office Installation Errors

You might have been facing errors while installing Office on your device and there is no need to be worried about it. Microsoft Office Errors are not always too hard to solve and it can be because of the smallest thing, like a weak internet connection or any bug in your device. You can always troubleshoot the error by yourself in just 3 simple steps.

Note the Error which is always in 0X0000 Format.,

Now, Go to

Now in the main Search bar, Enter the error code. You will get the solution.