After Office 365 Logo Icons, Now New File type Icons Blogs: We all have seen the latest logo design update from the Microsoft on the Office 365 Icons.

The icons looked far different from the old version and had the gradient coloring effect to it. Not just that but the icons stretching from Word to Sway and Team to yammer, the icon update give Microsoft a different look from the clean and minimalist look that Office used to have before. We believe that there is a new update coming to the whole Microsoft Office Suite that might come with the change to its user interface. We believe that Microsoft would go around with the design language of the Icons they have just made. Though nothing can be confirmed at this point in time.

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Though, Slowly Microsoft has begun to change the design of its great productivity tool by introducing subtle changes to changes to the user interface. To begin with, Microsoft always goes around with the small and subtle changes to see how people will react to the changes they have introduced, this really helps them keep the changes going on and increasing the customer base. This time Microsoft has introduced news icons to the file type menus.

In the picture above we can see that there is a lot of difference from the old icon, the design has drastically moved to a colorful minimalist clean design. This not the biggest change but is a good chance that can be approved for great changes ahead. The images icon has moved from a tacky look to clean icon design. This is really a good change to see and is a treat to our eyes. This is really for the better and for the good of the overall office experience. As we can see the changes have moved to a very clean look this means the look of the Microsoft Office can also move to the same look in a year or maybe less. This will surely make changes to the design language of the Microsoft Environment. This to be sure of, is one of the many good reasons to hold on to Office, as we can say that the future of Productivity is going to be safe and better with Office.