Buying a Laptop for Office 365? with Office 365?

We went on a search for the best laptop for productivity and a bit of fun and found exactly what we were looking for.

On an early morning set up, my boss sent an email asking me to make a good presentation with a excel sheet that has almost 50K records on it and had to make a chart out of it and put them on a database and have to make a cool interface on the excel to make sure that everything is in place and easy for my boss to manage. It was not a big deal for me but seemed to be quite a big project than usual. This is not one of the best or the biggest project but this is the first project for me to work from home. So, I opened up my laptop and found that the files are too heavy to handle and the laptop is too old to hold the latest version of Microsoft Office.

The only reason I need Microsoft Office was to make sure that I get the best and all the possible features for my Presentation and work. So I decided to take a trip to the shopping mall and get a good heavy laptop to make sure that I run all my tools perfectly and create a better presentation than I would have on the old one.

My Preference was the Microsoft Surface book and the Mac Book. Both the laptops are really high-performance laptops and premium devices but only the surface book pro is having the feature that I love most. It is the touch screen and also packs a pen with it. The pen gives the surface book versatility over making drafts and quick notes and making it one of the most beautiful devices available in the market. So I had to make a choice and the choice seemed to be quite obvious. This is one of the best possible things available in the market, With the latest updates pushed for the Surface book from Microsoft, It is really the advanced system that makes it a good one and is really nice to work on. The best thing that I was surprised and moreover happy with was the Office 365 subscription it came with and that was free of cost. I only had to pay for the surface book and the office came with it, This means spending less money and getting more out of it. I was later able to make all the presentations and databases for my boss using the office and my boss seemed to have really impressed with the work that I have done with the surface book. So all thanks to the Surface book.

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