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What You Should Know

  1. Open website for Office Setup.
  2. Sign In or Create an Account.
  3. Find your Office Product Key.
  4. Enter Office Product Key, Choose Country and Language.
  5. Click Install Office.
  6. Save and Run the Installation wizard.
  7. Open and Run office Applications.

How to buy Office:

You can buy office 365 subscription or office 2020 from and you can buy the office subscription according to your needs and plans. The plans are on the and the plan can also be customised too. Once you make a purchase, you can further manage your subscriptions at

How to Renew Office Subscription:

Once you have purchased Office 365, you will need to manage the renewal of office 365 every month or year as per you plan. You make a renewal and pay for the renewal subscription you need to visit and renew your subscription according to your requirements.

  1. Open website for Office Setup.

    In your browser and type or You can use any browser to visit this website.step 1 - Office Setup and Install

  2. Sign In or Create an Account.

    Sign In to your account at or However, If you do not have a Microsoft Account, you’ll have to create - Step 2

  3. Find your Office Product Key.

    You have received a product key for your Office installation in your email if you have purchased it online or find it on the box if bought from a retail store. In some cases you might even need to select your country and - Setup and Install Office

  4. Enter Office Product Key, Choose Country and Language.

    Now you need to check the version of Office that you have purchased and select install, once you do this. Your Download will - Setup and Install Office

  5. Click Install Office.

    Once you have downloaded the fine the installation will start and you will be guided through an on-screen guide on how to install office.step 5 for

  6. Save and Run the Installation wizard.

    The installation progress will be shown to you in a progress bar. Wait for it to finish and once it finishes you are good to go.

  7. Open and Run office Applications.

    Once the progress is complete and the message “You’re all done” appears on the screen, you can open any Office application to verify the installation and enjoy using Office.

Office in times of Pandemic.

Office 2020/365 has provided free access to students around the globe to help with school from home.

Extended Access

Extended Access for Microsoft Teams, Flipboard, Minecraft Students Edition and Skype for Classrooms.


Microsoft Office has always helped people and their customers. Microsoft keeps on support by providing extended access to people around the globe.



You can Install Office and if you want to remove the office from your windows computer, go to Control Panel, Add and Remove Programs and Select Microsoft Office and Follow On-Screen Instructions. On Mac, Go to the Applications folder, Select Office Applications and drag all the selected applications to trash and empty trash. And it is done.

Error in Office.

Office does not always run smoothly on your device, sometimes your device or sometimes your corrupt files can produce some errors on your computers. The error is usually in XXXXX-X format and can be searched on internet.


Microsoft is a different company and we have nothing to do with them. We are not re-selling Microsoft Office or any Microsoft Product. We are a basic Learning and guide website for Microsoft Office. A third party.

Office Setup Help

Setup and Install Office 365

How to Manage your Office Account.

You can manage your Office account and all the subscriptions related to Office. You can manage the account by visiting

How much does Office cost?

Microsoft Office comes in 3 plans, For Home, For Business and For Education. Office for home is for those who use it at home and don’t need it much. The home version of Office starts at 69.99$ a year. The Business version for work starts at 5$ per month and Microsoft Office for students is offered free for students and schools after a mandatory verification. - office setup and install help

Apps in Office.

Office has a lot of applications to offer in the productivity suite. It is one of the best productivity suites in the market.

Microsoft Office offers Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Teams, One Note, Outlook, One Drive, Sharepoint, Yammer and More. You can all buy it from