Microsoft and Adobe? Rivals?

The straights answer to this question is “NO”. Well, we all know that there is something between Microsoft and Adobe apps but both the developers are totally different. Things are different in every aspect with them. They have a different set of software, While as Adobe makes software for creators, Microsoft tends to go for the developers. Microsoft has a set of software’s that go around people who work on documentation and presentations or mostly business with documentation work but Adobe, on the other hand, is a totally different structure. Adobe software is for content creators, professional movie making, Graphic Designing, Vectors and more. Not just it. But Adobe is really a different company.

Adobe Logo -

The way Adobe works is totally different from Microsoft. Microsoft is after making money and trying products from every range. Microsoft has a product line from Computer operating systems to Mobile Devices. Microsoft is not just a company based on Software’s but also a company that sells Hardware like Laptops, Mobiles, Tablets and what not. Microsoft is a far bigger and brighter company than that of Adobe but the thing that Adobe is unmatched and great for the work and for the domain they are in. Adobe is the king of what they do and hardly have any competitors, Adobe, one of the most know software companies in the world is set to be the brightest and most productive company with a customer base that provides its software’s to a vast number of people who literally dominate and influence the world of Productivity and Creation. One of the most used software’s from Adobe is Photoshop and it can be on the machine of every designer, Content creator. It is one of the most powerful tools in the history for designing purpose, while as Microsoft has Office on the other hand and the machines running software like Photoshop can most possibly have Office on it too because it is about creating and writing content too.

Microsoft -

The thing is, what we can with Photoshop is never possible on Microsoft Office and What is possible on Microsoft Office is never possible on Adobe applications. There is no word processor in Adobe applications and there is Film making software is Microsoft’s Line. Though there might be a difference in the way of working for both the companies but the thing that basically makes it better to have both is that both of the companies provide us with the powerful suites to work with. The Adobe’s Creative Suite and Microsoft’s Office Suite is one of the best and most powerful combinations for a content creator overall.

The conclusion is, If we prefer to have Microsoft and Adobe online to fight with each other, They both Win because they both are in a different battle and they both Run first in the battles they fight. They are really amazing with what they do and can’t be pitched against each other anyway.