Microsoft Office 365 Pro’s and Con’s – We all have used Office sometimes in our lives, sometimes for printing a document and sometimes for making on.

Office is one of the most needed and most used software on computers in today’s world. It is not just needed for the basic developments of document and stuff but is also needed for other works too. Office has many pro’s and con’s but Microsoft Office 365 has a completely different story to tell.

Microsoft’s Office 365 is a cloud-based version of their latest Productivity suite and is one of the best-selling products from Microsoft. But the thing about cloud-based programs is that it is mostly dependent on the Cloud system that the software has been put on. Microsoft Office 365 is such a program and is really one that needs to have an internet connection for the apps that are only web-based. I installed the Office Home and Student 2016 and the only problem I had to face was with the cloud-based apps. This sometimes can be irritating and is one of the biggest Con for this phase. This being the worst feature there are other features too that you might not like. Once you are using a cloud-based app and your internet is snapped or you are working in a remote area somewhere you might have to think twice before being sure that the work you are doing is going to be saved or not. If in case you lose the power supply for the computer or simply lose connection to your device and shut it down, You might have to face the loss of the work that you have been working on or maybe you might have to work with the autosave that was created and might have to write just a few lines after that. These are the losses of using cloud-based software anywhere in the world. Though this modern age of tech definitely provides us with the benefit of using the cloud-based app from anywhere and is really easy to use and has great functionality we can’t say that to people who live in a remote area and rely on Offline work. This is a really basic advantage of having the cloud-based system. Apart from that, there is a workforce in place put by Microsoft to make sure that you save most of the work that is recorded every 15 to 30 seconds on your computer. This is the best way of auto saving working and to make sure that you don’t lose any work that you were working on. This is the basic of Cloud-based computing. This is really a good feature and makes sure that you are really working in a safe environment. This being the best part of it can’t save it from the negativity in areas where people really need offline systems to work on.  

So the conclusion is that Microsoft Office 365 might have a lot of con’s but also have as many pro’s and is one of the best software’s available for productivity in the market. The apps are similar in most of the Office Applications through the number of Apps might vary in different packages and it is really important to know that there is a point in having all these applications in a suite.