Microsoft’s Office Lens App has solved scanning problems

We all have been through the pain of scanning papers, documents or files but eventually, we find a way around by cutting, cropping and transforming the files we have captured with a normal camera app. Sometimes it works and sometimes it is a failure that can not be taken for now. We tried all the apps that are related to in-camera scanning and most of the apps were working good while some failed drastically.
After trying some of the apps that were available on the Play Store and Apple App Store, we found this beautiful piece from Microsoft. Just being under the label of Microsoft won’t help this app get through our tough review. At first, we were very negative about the app, as the screenshots and the presentation of the app were not quite up to the mark.

Office-Lens-2-v2 -
Office Lens App

So first we tried this app on our Samsung Galaxy S10e, we choose this device because this has quite a powerful camera and is good in specs, so there is no way that Microsoft can blame anything but their own app. 
So on installing the app there is this regular camera. with a camera button and some modes for the camera and a button to view your recent document. Quite simple. The viewfinder which in this case is the display has this auto detection, it makes a border of Orange color when it has detected a document, This app will find the kind of document you want to scan and you can also select the modes that have been included with the app. The app comes with 4 Modes.

Whiteboard: As the name of this board suggests that this mode has been included for student or people who are learning or in a team where they can take notes directly from the whiteboard and have a good document made on it.

Document: You can simply scan documents, Legal papers, Files and pages in this mode, This gives it a clear and a beautiful scan and works really fine.

Business Card: This is my favorite mode, As this one scans the business cards and saves you the hassle of carrying cards in your wallet making it a bulky one.

Photo: This can be simply used to click photographs but this one optimizes the photo according to the need of the user. This can be mostly used for document portrait and white backgrounds or solid backgrounds.

We also Tried Microsoft Office lens on the new iPhone XS and found that it really does work great on that too and is really one of the best Office app available that can be really useful.