Office and Samsung Galaxy Fold

We all Might have had some fantastic mobile phones with great power and awesome features and power.

But now time is changing, and there are a lot of things that come into consideration when talking about phones. Big displays, Great quality cameras and much more. But the latest phone launched by Samsung has got most people talking, The Samsung Galaxy Fold. It is finally here and we are also waiting for this to enter markets so that we can test this out. Though many things might be taken into consideration before buying the phone but for now we have all eyes on the work that has been put to make sure Galaxy Fold makes top sales across continents.

What do we expect from Galaxy Fold and Office?

As we all know, Galaxy Fold is a mobile phone that has a bendable display. This phone once opened, unfolded turns into a big display that can run apps into bigger screens. This phone also features multitasking. Which means we can expect alot from Samsung fold for Office.

galaxy-galaxy-fold -
Samsung Fold

For starters, We expect that Samsung Fold will come with Microsoft Office 365 included and will require further installation and file download from to redeem your product key or product that you have bought from the store or online.

Once you are good with installation part you can then run the Microsoft Office 365 on your Samsung Galaxy fold. Though you can transfer the files from your pc or mac to your Samsung device but you can simply put all the files on your one drive or Samsung cloud to make sure that you can access your files anytime anywhere.

Samsung Galaxy Fold also comes with multitasking which means you can work on multiple apps at once. For instance you can open Excel in one side of the screen, Word on one side of the screen and internet browser on the third side of the screen, This will help you track data from internet on the browser and filling the excel sheet and typing a good word file with the collected data.

Samsung fold will also give us the possibility of adding new features to the Office 365 that can be expected later this year. Also the developers will make sure to create add-ons and plugins to make sure that we get the value for money that is being paid for the Samsung Fold.

For now we know that Samsung Galaxy Fold is a good device and will definitely run Office, But all we need to see is how good it works on the Fold and other coming fold-able devices.