My Lands Strategy and Battle!

My Lands ? Strategy and battle!

My Lands presents itself as a strategy-economic game, with elements of military games, as well as the possibility of making real money. As for the latter, I would be quite cautious to say that you can actually earn. Considering that in order to og le to start dreaming about money feeding our account, you have to decide on a monthly subscription, at a price of about 40zł. However, my dislike of the paid option didn’t stop me from enjoying the free entertainment.


At the beginning it starts quite standard. I choose my race from among of the four available – Dark Elves , Demon , Knights and Light Elves. I have decided on the latter. Not necessarily in the dark, but rather for the sake of friendly sound. Spies from the surrounding villages are waiting for me anyway, so I’m counting on the helping hand of the Bright Elves. I choose server and decide what to name my village. And in this way, I am at the beginning of my strategic-economic journey. I took into account the fact that, of course, each race as well as the The server is important. After all, they are different skills and character of the hero. However, I usually prefer to explore on my own I don’t want to know what’s what, rather than having to read the characteristics before choosing to be fully aware of them. Maybe it’s a bit of wandering in the dark, but for me a greater adventure in this field.

My Lands

The green world welcomes

A map of the green world greets me. It’s quite lively and colorful. A bit of a large number of options, some markings, numbers and places in which to hich one by one I can click with my mouse. Theoretically chaotic, but at least for a long time in the initial game, the arrows direct me to the right choices quite clearly. So I know what I need to start building, where to upgrade, read the news and look for virtual friends ł. In addition, I found, and quite quickly, information about a mentor, who I’m going to use the tutorial to help me learn, build a town, produce resources, and in, as well as p of the newest military conquerors. Actually, I did not have to look long, because he approached me himself.

I received further indications that I have to complete tasks one by one in order to receive rewards. After mastering the basics, I can easily develop my city. By the way, I study various sciences to gain even more – experience, knowledge, skills and of course abilities.

My Lands

Slowly the water flows.

On my green map water flows from a waterfall in and out of rivers. I successively improve my sw j the ruler’s palace in order to reach a higher level. I build I also want to build apartments, a lumberjack hut, a quarry and a store. And of course, building takes some time, sometimes even several hours, depending on the building, kt but I plan to improve it. However, moving away from the green battleground does not entitle me not to be properly vigilant. The next morning I find news that my resources are being stolen! And on top of that a few spies have appeared ! I have something to do! To this study of science, another passing time. and so it goes. from hour to hour, in fact from day to day.

Strategic potential

It takes a while to build my village, and I can not wait to m c to expand its areas. On the one hand, this waiting may seem monotonous. However, I see a lot of potential here and I know that My Lands will be happy to return me. Today, tomorrow, next month. dop I won’t be able to say that I’ve achieved everything I can. And this is not likely to happen soon. I have the Bright Elves at my side. A lot of tasks, new challenges. I can make contact with someone, so who knows how my fate will turn out on this path?

My Lands

The graphics satisfy me, the color scheme, the smoothness of the game, the possibilities and generally ease of use. On top of that, it’s fabulously easy to get through the initial tasks, and then I can act with my own mind. Personally My Lands, I give 5 with a plus. Not 6, because I can be demanding and wait for further development j storyline. I believe, however, that it will surprise me more than once, and these p I will get to 6 points faster than I initially expected. Anyway, I will still be here I’m not going to be able to do anything here, just as I did the day before including the next day.

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