NosTale – In anime atmosphere

NosTale – In an anime atmosphere

The climate of anime has never been close to me, but as usual I like to watch bition of something that I have avoided so far. After all, not everything that is unrealistic has to be uninteresting at the same time. The factor in influencing the final grade is a lot. And here I can successfully place a strong 4+. I don’t just take my subjective feelings into account, but also an objective look at what the NosTale game has been able to offer me so far.

What it is all about?


M and defeating monsters I walk around the colorful boards, fight with creatures and gain levels. And the further into the forest you go, the more possibilities there are. First of all, however, I have to create my character. The gameplay is simple, but not trivial. In addition to the gender of my virtual hero, I also choose the details details about his appearance. Just as I associated so far with the atmosphere of the anime, so here there was no lack of distinctive color The game has a lot to offer, whether it is the w, the specific hairstyles or the og I am glad that NosTale gives me the opportunity to choose the look of my characters ry perfectly reflects the character of the whole.

I don’t find in the game a typical tutorial like I have experienced in other productions. For me, this is a plus, because it indicates The story and the way it is presented makes it „I teach” I know what to do, what I have to do and how to move, but at the same time from the first step I have the impression that I’m already in the center of the game, and not just at the long training stage, during which that in the end I always win anyway.

Clear indications in combination with an individually tailored character makes NosTale interesting, enjoyable and quickly worthy of my attention. At times, the urge to make a comment crosses my mind that the game is just plain boring. But after a longer period of time and making the most honest assessment I can, I have to say that these temporary hesitations are only due to my own feelings towards the anime’s atmosphere and not the game’s design.

Possibilities, combat and a smile on your face


However it sounds, it gets more interesting for me when I start „cover” I can use the virtual Weak Bean or I can happily jump between the Big Chickens. And involuntarily comes the desire to reach the next level in order to m to fight the monsters, which However, with the emphasis on maybe, they have a lot more in common The gameplay is not so much a challenge, as it is a game with a lot of sinister creatures, rather than just an ordinary seed.

In this way, I finally get to the next levels, thanks to which I can use a special tutorial to fight a little more seriously. And there is something else! I am of the opinion that not only what the game offers in terms of pure entertainment, but also the whole setting influences my opinion. Music, all kinds of sounds, colors and those details that I like to watch. In this respect, another big plus. Without dwelling on each aspect separately, everything comes together as a complete whole. Working smoothly, giving a lot of fun in completing tasks, defeating monsters The music, all sorts of sounds, colors and those details that make it easy to play and move through the levels.

NosTale oozes subtlety and seems to be an element of childish entertainment, but in a positive sense. It is just friendly, cheerful and fun. Fights, monsters, but without unnecessary aggression. Maybe we could use just a little more adrenaline? However, with the emphasis on maybe.

Guide and friends


I am glad that NosTale gives me a choice r. I can use the detailed I have it so that my whole rating is influenced not only by the fact of what strictly offers entertainment, but also by the whole cover I will find out what and who ra class of characters can. How to move, who can help me, how to fight, gain more points and thus levels or, who re tasks are available to me. Generally I can get to know everything from the inside. But I do not have to! Following my old habit, I prefer to click through everything by hand. That is when I get the most pleasure out of it. The whole thing, however, is uncomplicated, so even without the use of a guide and stepping on the virgin areas of NosTale I am able to comfortably deal with the prepared entertainment.

I am sure that these colorful, friendly „Animations”, mn The variety of possibilities and attractions will make fans of this climate spend a lot of free time here. And newcomers will relax once in a while even if the anime so far has been close to them on the same level as me.

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