My Free Zoo – ZooTycoon in your browser

My Free Zoo – ZooTycoon in the browser

From time to time I come across games, which re pr They make the gameplay itself into a goal. It used to be the norm, especially in time lounge in the arcade. However, nowadays I often forget about the existence of games in which rych I didn’t aim at anything. It took me a while before I found one in which I could play the game concept has succeeded. My Free Zoo is a game about building your own zoo. The process is simple and stress-free, yet rewarding.

Kr count mink

We start the game with a fairly large piece of land and a simple instruction of our task. In the zoo we put up enclosures of a certain area: from meadows to jungles and aquariums. We then acquire creatures that e fill these pens with. The size of the animal and the enclosure will determine how much of one will fit into the other. The variety of animals and habitats d determines how interesting our zoo is.

Our zoo will be visited by four The music could add a little more excitement here, but in the. Each of these groups has slightly different interests. The bigger and more interesting our zoo, the more wasps The more they visit them, the higher their satisfaction will be. Wedding guests will leave more money in the booths and stores, in turn, more of them will fill the ticket booth cashier faster.

My Free Zoo farm game

Our zoo belongs Also to decorate and equip properly. If something is missing, their thoughts will appear above the guests’ heads, suggesting planting a flower in, or adding new kinds of in the animals. However, these icons are often quite og b Side quests that give you extra experience for placing decorations from specific categories guide you a little better.

My Free Zoo farm game

Of course, every game these days must have some kind of progression system. In My Free Zoo, apart from the necessity to get got In order to purchase animals and decorations, you will have to reach an appropriate level of experience. By visiting our zoo several times a day, we can play with the animals, feed and groom them. In this way b Fill up the experience bar quite slowly, maybe even too slowly.

The pace of the game may be my only problem with My Free Zoo. Zar Both experience and money are collected quite slowly, even entering the game several times a day to collect additional points. However, take this opinion with a grain of salt. At the very beginning, the game offers us a challenge with prizes: reach level ten in a few days. I lost this bet by one level, so my strategy and gameplay style may have been suboptimal.

For the regulars

My Free Zoo is simply a fun game. Watching our growing zoo is satisfying enough in itself to want to play wr to pick up the got once in a while and build an enclosure for the monkeys or plant a series of shrubs. It is possible that a large part of this merit is the pleasant graphics in the game, especially on the color side. Although I have to give it a try Note that the models of animals and guests do not quite match the ground, in a way standing out from the rest.

The game has no music, but there are sound effects. I turned these off because I found them annoying. Every time you click on an animal, it makes a sound. We have to press each one three times to feed, entertain and groom them. When we collect a slightly larger collection of specimens and their sounds turn into a persistent screeching concert , grinding and jazzy. Fortunately, the in-game options are quite extensive for a browser-based title. We can activate or deactivate a number of elements The game can be played in a variety of ways, including the sounds of animals. In this way b Everyone is able to customize the game according to their preferences.

My Free Zoo farm game

My Free Zoo has a number of options to support The game is about cooperating with friends, but they are not particularly noticeable. First of all, we can exchange cards with them, which re we get as a reward for logging in. If we manage to collect enough got record, we get one specific thing for free. Additionally, the game offers so-called organizations, which are the equivalent of guilds or clans. Each member of the organization chooses a profession d for special tasks. These are done by logging into the game and pressing the appropriate button to pass the baton on. For example, for there to be a job for a veterinarian, first the delivery man has to bring in the animals. Therefore, the continuity of the tasks depends on the teamwork, although the participation itself is not particularly rewarding.

My Free Zoo is a game that I can recommend it with a light heart. The game is solid, fairly expansive, and you can work on our zoo endlessly. You cannot here m e will have to achieve a certain level of experience to be able to seriously compete with other players or even the computer. However, if you’re looking for something casual and reasonably creative for your coffee break, opening your own zoo in a browser window isn’t the worst idea.

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