Mobile Strike Entertainment with a capital R

Mobile Strike: Entertainment with a capital R

Sometimes there comes a moment when I really feel like taking some weapon in my virtual hand and dealing with the enemy. That is why I was so eager to play Mobile Strike. There’s no denying that the trailer made a big impression on me. And realizing how much effort has to be put into promotion and marketing in order to attract the audience, I had, and actually still have, the impression that someone did a great job in this respect. But will it be enough for Mobile Strike to satisfy the increasingly demanding group of players?


Starting slightly from the end. After my adventure with Mobile Strike I formed a rather negative opinion, but wanting to be Also objective, and not relying only on subjective feelings, out of sheer curiosity I started looking for opinions on it. Someone called Mobile Strike’s advertising campaign aggressive. For me, however, it was so encouraging that I started rubbing my hands together whenever I sit down to play. Well, you can not like Arnold Schwarzenegger, kt ry in this case the whole thing advertises and attracts attention, but you can not take away from it the amazing l. So c I can’t think of anything else that would encourage you to play this game more than it does? In pore However, in comparison to the whole game, which However, in comparison to the whole, which I finally had a chance to get to know, I guess you could actually say that this commercial is aggressive.

Story with a small f

Mobile Strike is, or rather was supposed to be, a strategy game. The plot is a global armed conflict, which The game is played in quite a friendly environment Mobile Strike is, or rather was meant to be, a strategy game. On the one hand, the player has to manage his base. Its purpose is to build, to accumulate, to create. The next focuses on constructing new buildings in, training an army, thanks to which The game will be a m to fight effectively with the opponent, or rather a plurality of them. The player must simultaneously build protective walls to effectively repel enemy attacks .

The other side of the game is frontline combat. And this is where commanding infantry soldiers comes into play, but also other units, including helicopters and tanks. As the whole thing should focus on strategy, the point is that the army put up to fight the enemy should be strong, efficient and, above all, have an appropriate arsenal.

In fact, the game is focused on multiplayer mode, so the storyline doesn’t add much to it. Little, it seems to be familiar. You don’t have to do anything It doesn’t make you hungry, it doesn’t interest you, it doesn’t raise the pressure, as it is in productions where suddenly someone attacks and within a fraction of a second you are on your own in the seconds it takes to make a decision. The one ra will give you a win or will end up GAME OVER. It’s simple, trite and tedious.

Constructions and next clicks

Zar Both during the building of my base, as well as possible wars on the frontline, I was constantly having fun clicking. Build here, build there, modernize, select, collect and who knows what else. A bit like being a robot who I would also like to play My Free Zoo, a game where a mechanic ticks off tasks that he has to do because he has been programmed to do so. Whether it’s while building or fighting enemies, which re should liven the whole thing up a bit, I didn’t feel any fun, my adrenaline didn’t jump, my blood pressure didn’t rise. That last one maybe a little bit. Due to the fact that I was simply bored and annoyed by another click, click, click and so on continuously.

On the plus side

100% Mobile Strike is not that hopeless. In the end, the graphics are quite eye-catching and precise. Everything runs smoothly and every m j movement is immediately reflected on the board. In addition, if someone does not like to be bored in the game and is not interested in wandering around the raw boards waiting for the unexpected enemy, you will find something for yourself here. Because there’s always something to do. In addition, you can buy additional items for certain amounts. To fight more effectively, build more, faster and on a larger scale. The musical setting could bring a little more excitement here, but in the cf I would not be afraid of scary sounds. Doesn’t bother, but also doesn’t disturb, as can sometimes happen where the player gets distracted by some sound that ry imitates unspecified „something”.

Mobile Strike in exile

If I were on a desert island and had only a device with me that allowed me to choose a game, it is possible that I would bet on Mobile Strike. Because I’m sure time would pass faster. I would not be afraid of scary sounds , kt hich are not here. The colors wouldn’t bother me, and from time to time I might be able to neutralize some virtual enemy. By the way „I’d like to try it out” with other players. But, on a desert island p ki what i am not and rather not going.

I’m looking for entertainment with a capital R. Mobile Strike is far from being a game worth reaching for. Although, if the player just wants to get away from their daily responsibilities and just happens to have a free moment, and is indifferent to what he chooses, perhaps he will find here character, excitement and passionate entertainment, which cruise I definitely missed.

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