MMO FOR FUN Affected Zone Tactics – The New Face of Old Technology

MMO ON A Jolly: Affected Zone Tactics – The New Face of Old Technology

The step by step strategies for the last years became popular again. It’s worth mentioning XCOM Enemy Unknown, which made a significant contribution to the genre. Affected Zone Tactics – an isometric tactical RPG with step-by-step battles, or if you want to put it more simply, the S-series style of gameplay.T.A.L.K.E.R. with allusions to the alienation zone and groups that fight each other for ownership of territories.

Failure = death

The near future, during the development of our civilization flashes an acute shortage of resources, that is, the whole crisis after a given flood. But, as is not strange, there is a new resource – a blue crystal with which not everything is really simple. To get it you have to go to one portal, maybe a parallel world, not clear exactly, but it’s clear that the crystals are there, and if you don’t follow them, there will be someone brave enough for you. It’s the risk-takers themselves getting together and going to conquer the unexplored, earning quite a bit along the way. The plot here does not begrudge you and lectures you on everything at once, because further reliance will go to gameplay. It’s quite a correct course, after all, they’ve already explained everything to you, laid out the terms and offer a good old “step by step strategy”, part of the “SilentStorm”. 😉

Affected Zone Tactics strategy game

At the beginning you create a fighter, go through some training, and after a few victories, and most likely a few defeats, you remember that there is a store and a depot where you can stay all your resources. When you completely create a personage you go to the battlefield where they are already waiting for you. All here one regime – a flag delight, on each side of 8 fighters, each headed by a real player. The task is simply to catch whole points, or roll over whole opponents, everything seems to be quite simple. I’d even recommend playing with your buddies, because the chief job here is important, after all, the opponents’ order will be sneaky, and every run is important. After you get more victories and more experience is given to you, which you then lose for various upgrades. If you expect a battle too long, it’s simpler to choose “randomly” a few “tanks” (which will advance the front flank) and one “skylight”.

You can also play two against two, I think this regime is much more fun, because it’s more interesting to chat and commiserate with one another than with seven players. In the game everything is quite minimalist, although I’m sure most people like this approach. The mechanics of the battle are strongly reminiscent of the aforementioned XCOM and Jagged Alliance. There is only one “but”, you can not act ahead here. Putting a soldier in a hideout and showing him to protect a certain area by doing certain actions is not going to work. You can buy the fun currency for real money or buy a premium account to make the process go faster. Free-to-play as not.

Affected Zone Tactics strategy game

Expectations vs. reality

Balance in the game a little bit awaken vigilance, for example, the fisticuffs with the litters, when they all agree to simply throw grenades at the enemy for which they know they get a lot of points. The game is quite chaotic, there’s not much tactics in it, it’s very hard for newcomers to play against veterans, I would even say that they have almost no chance. Bots are dull here, and in the PVP regime you will have to wait long enough while they throw you into battle. One more fault of the game – the interface. For example, after a battle a costume or weapon is damaged and put new modules on them can not be, as everything is damaged, and at the same time you do not propose to repair yourself. You start to look around for inserts and find nothing, at the end of the day you just have to buy new ones. Although I don’t think similar problems will arise with you, I would simply advise you to go through the training and after the interface. I like the variety of classes of fighters in each of which there is a subclass, it reveals quite a lot of possibilities not the battlefield. Beginners will be attracted to this game by its low system requirements and simplicity – load the game, create a persona and move on. Meanwhile, it is a playable, potential, a little interesting, but quite crude, it will appeal only to connoisseurs of the genre, who have already played everything and want to try themselves similar.

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