Magical production, or Wizard101

Magical production, or Wizard101

You were waiting for the letter brought by the owl? You wanted to have adventures like the boy with the scar and his red-haired friend? Or you would like to wave a magic stick? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, then perhaps Wizard101 will give you that chance.

About Wizard101

Behind the game released in 2008 is an American studio Kingslsle Entertainment. Tw izard’s quests take us to the universe of the Great Spiral. In this world we will come to thwart the plans of the head of the In this world we will have to cross paths The wizard is Malistair. And we have to do it by mastering more and more powerful magic skills. This is roughly how the story introduction looks like. The premise of the producer The goal was to create a family game with focus on children.

Wizard101 game

Magical beginnings

The game begins, of course, with the creation of a character. It’s about filling the cr The aim of the survey evaluating our og A unique character. Questions in the game are based on the principle „What time of year do you like the most”. So nothing terrible. The survey is designed to evaluate and assign us to one of the schools Magic. But if someone does not want to waste time on nonsense questions, there is no problem to skip them all. As I mentioned, the survey is designed to assign us to one of the schools ł. There are seven of them in the game and they are, for example.School of ice, fire or life. However, if you do not like the character of the academy, to which If you have been assigned to one of the schools, there is nothing to prevent you from making your own choice. This is what it looks like after skipping the survey. Next, we specify the gender of our avatar, his appearance and our magical nickname, such as: Protazy Daisy Dog. And we can only choose from a pool of available titles .

It’s not surprising that the game starts with a simple tutorial. It presents the basic issues, such as how to b Moving, fighting and additional interface options. It is interesting to note that already at the end of the tutorial we get to know our head The questionnaire is designed to evaluate the. And thus we have the opportunity to fight our first magical battle with the henchmen of the evil sorcerer. The battle itself is based on a system of turns. And attacks are made by choosing cards with magic skills.

Wizard 101 game

The whole game is about running around the world of the Great Spiral, performing tasks for which re we get money, magic items and of course experience points. And if there comes a time when you lose interest in the fight against evil, you can relax in your own home, decorate it or take care of a virtual garden. Another interesting element is the ability to train your own pet, such as a dragon or a griffin. And then putting it into battle with other pets.

What we see and hear in Wizard

Without any further ado, we can say that the graphics in the game are not on a high level. Everything is angular and the textures are of poor quality. Anyway, this shouldn’t be a surprise, because looking at the release date and the fact that the output of Kingslsle Entertainment studio is quite poor. But still, thanks to the specific, very colorful universe, the game has its j charm, which ry attracts. Adding to this pleasant background music Wizard can offer us an enjoyable gameplay.

Wizard 101 game

Big minus

Despite the fact that the game is aimed rather at younger generations, as in any MMO game there are also micropayments. Probably nothing would happen if they were related to some kind of appearance improvement, like some kind of wings or a cool outfit. But unfortunately that’s not the case. Without additional fees, you can play in just one area, from as many as fourteen available. Personally, I don’t know how such actions are supposed to get kids to play Wizard for longer. And it is to them that the title is directed.

Is it worth to enchant?

Wizard 101 game

Tw izard developers assumed that it would be a good idea to create a game for children. Games about the world of magic, where we take on the role of an adept of the secret arts. It was supposed to be a bit like a Harry Potter MMO without breaking copyright. And the actual more or less something like this worked out for them. But the authors have forgotten that today’s children are not the same as those who re reading the first Potter installment. Today’s kids often already have games like GTA V, The Witcher 3 or I don’t think that’s the case with shooters like CoD. And in such a situation, the product of Kingslsle Entertainment can not offer them much. Because what? Poor fairy-tale graphics?

Final Assessment

In my opinion Wizard101 can only attract older players. Such as rym fairy tale world will not disturb. A will recall with sentiment the youthful years. And hours spent over books J.K. Rowling. And to answer your question, I don’t know. I prefer to swing a sword.

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