Magic The Gathering Arena – Classics in a new edition

Magic: The Gathering Arena – Classics in a new edition

The cult card game has been begging for years for a reliable transfer of the rules of the game to the virtual world of online gaming, in which the rules of the game can be transferred to the virtual world of the game The players can take on the role of a magician with rich decks and duel each other. To the delight of fans , this scenario worked well in Magic: The Gathering Arena. Here is a worthy heir to the classic card game. This time, in a digital edition.

The origins of the Magic: The Gathering collectible card game date back to 1993, when a teacher at an American high school The Gathering Arena is a new version of the classic Magic: The Gathering. Without telling the whole story, the idea turned out to be a hit, and soon millions of players around the world were to fall in love with an interesting system, in which The game can be played by 2 to 5 players.

Magic: The Gathering Arena


Just like in the beginning, many years after Later, the game was ideal not only for duels In the real world, but also in the virtual world. Details Especially if we take into account the popularity of all kinds of card solutions in video games in recent years, with the production of Hearthstone at the forefront. Whether such a cult tw The game has been properly transposed to the virtual space and if there is a place for newcomers who haven’t had any contact with Magic: The Gathering so far?

Definitely yes. The first thing that strikes you when you start the game is the incredibly friendly visuals. The whole thing was kept in the convention of fairy tales and magic, which perfectly suits the climate of the game. As for a free-to-play title, the game looks very nice Especially at the menu level, as well as during the duels themselves. The eyes are wide open Illustrated cards and on-screen animations. There are not many of those, after all we are talking about a card game, but you can feel the atmosphere of a tavern duel with some magic in the background.

Magic: The Gathering Arena


The question about the entry threshold for newcomers is answered right from the start, as tw The developers have prepared a really reliable and accessible tutorial. It explains step by step the mechanics of the battles themselves, allowing us to face several opponents, while explaining certain patterns of behavior and use of our cards or their special abilities. We start by learning how to use mana cards (so necessary to use any other card), through basic attacks and finally ending by tipping the scales of victory in a clash with a theoretically stronger opponent. Some Some of the presented tricks include blocking attacks in your opponent during his turn. It introduces a nice dynamic as for a turn-based card game.

Magic: The Gathering Arena


Old fans of Magic: The Gathering will feel at home here, because just like in the classic game, we can participate in up to 5 players at once. The card deck system has not changed either. We are dealing with cards belonging to five elements , marked with appropriate colors. A sort of novelty is a nod to new players – Apart from collecting and creating our own deck, we can also use the available ready-made. The solution is ideal for the uninitiated and those who want to learn the possibilities of each l combinations.

Magic: The Gathering Arena


A definite advantage of Wizards of the Coast studio’s production is that it can attract players from poles. Fans of MTG will find here everything they loved about the famous card game, including its original concept and the atmosphere of magic, and newcomers will be able to easily implement the mechanics and rules. The technicalities are not discouraging, as the game is pretty and pleasing to the eye. It doesn’t scare away the pr g input, which The adventurous nature of the game has been made as easy as possible by a well-designed introduction at the beginning of the game. And last but not least, there is no financial deterrent – The game is free, and you can play it for free The developers managed to avoid the infamous pay-to-win model. Of course, you can spend some of your real money on premium currency (gems), but this is available for purchase Also for gold, which You get them for winning battles, daily quests and similar activities.

Magic: The Gathering Arena

Magic: The Gathering Arena is definitely worth a look. Even if we don’t intend to get completely absorbed into the world of card duels The game can be an interesting and peaceful escape from other titles , as it is very relaxing and takes time from a few moments to long hours.

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