Elvenar – About wealth and conquest

Elvenar – About wealth and conquest

While writing the review of Elvenar below I couldn’t find a good moment to mention the graphic design of the title. It is a really nice and atmospheric game. Nevertheless, we won’t be able to play with graphics. Fortunately e are talking about a title that ry quite well balances the available activities with the lack of time of the average browser game fan. I invite you to the world after the cataclysm, where people and elves pr They want to rebuild their societies.

Crown in hand and good luck

Elvenar is a game with a very smooth and pleasant beginning. The introductory tutorial took me less than four minutes. Right after the menu was explained to me, the manual turned into a series of neutral and specific quests. It was totally up to me how to play it though. This fluency allowed me to quickly start enjoying the gameplay. This one consists of several components .


Our head An important task in expanding the city is to correctly develop the available space, which ra is quite limited at the beginning and expands with our successes. In a way it resembles a puzzle game. Buildings occupy a specific space on the board made of grids, and all non-decorative buildings must be connected to the town hall by a dr g. In addition, part of the map is paved with randomly placed obstacles. I am a big fan of this type of interactive solutions. The game will require from us a lot of attention in this area, but it easily forgives. When we run out of space, buildings can be upgraded instead of building new ones. In addition, we can simply grab them and move somewhere else. This gives us a bit of extra control and allows us to plan the city to fulfill its role in the moment, rather than throughout its existence. This type of facilitation greatly accelerates our development j.

The main thing is a good economy

We expand the city with the help of and to get thirteen tate resources. It’s not as scary as it sounds: ‘gold’ i ‘resources’ We use them to do most of the basic work, and the lion’s share of them we’ll get by completing tasks in which we’ll be able to do a lot of work The tutorial took me less than a minute to complete hich we are interested in. Their more stable source of the resource workshop is the bottom of the game in and houses for gold. Houses, in turn, also increase our population, which The resources are necessary to construct all the buildings on the map .


All other resources are gained from specific production buildings, just like resources. In them you need to order a specific amount of time for production and return to the game after the expiry of the selected period to collect them. Here, the more often we can look, the more we will get. On the face of it, this is not a colossal loss of resources The buildings occupy a specific space on the board, and all non-decorative buildings must also be connected to the town hall by means of a production dr.

Here I was slightly disappointed by the lack of continuity of the chain in the production. All resources are obtained by spending gold and/or resources. However, this potential is not fully lost: the upgrading of buildings – especially at higher levels – It requires us to consume raw materials ith tive bet in production. Three goods in the game (one per category) is easier for us to produce than the rest. This effectively persuades players to support n cooperation in trade.

Options are a must

Another use for raw materials is conflict resolution. Either we pay the stakes or we take up arms. Depending on the potential losses, force is not always the cheaper option. I really like the combat system itself. It is a clone of the system known to us from the Heroes of Might and Magic series. We send some units to the board with hex where we control them in a turn-based system. Units behave in a way that I was having the most fun arranging my settlements according to class and race, and upgrading them enough to get an extra ability. This system adds variety to the game but is still optional. Uninterested players can either opt for the automatic conclusion, kt The race is fairly fair or do not take part in the fights in the og le, focusing on collecting raw materials for trade.


Unfortunately, the battle system has not been in any way b used in PvP systems. In fact, the game has no competitive option other than og by nn the result In the high-score, this does not serve the game. When I looked at the cities of players with these impressive scores, unfortunately they looked identical. The metagame and the pursuit of efficiency deprived their gameplay of character. I should also mention the crystals, the wallet acceleration. When playing for fun I don’t see a problem with that , pr However, being the first, we could find money quite an effective tool in the race.

Shoulder to shoulder

If there is no PvP, then what is the aim of the game? Raids? Bossy? Nothing of the sort. Og e’ll be able to collect success points together There is no other goal. We play for ourselves to watch our city grow and the best fun I had arranging my settlements. To make it more interesting, we can do it with the help of others. When visiting players on the map we can give them buffs depending on what buildings they have available. When we conquer the territory once in a while there will appear on it so called ‘tournament’, which is a series of challenges consisting in supplying raw materials to in either winning fights. As a member of a brotherhood (the equivalent of a guild) we accumulate success points with the You can also grow your own city faster and earn more rewards. This is quite important because Elvenar needs our presence the less we go further in the game due to the longer waiting periods for buildings and upgrades.


From other players odr e are distinguished by our style of city design and its architecture, which is defined by our race. There are two, which hich apart from the appearance have a also different military units. This sounds like a basic minimum but the more the better, so I’m not complaining. I recommend Elvenar to casual players looking for something to relax in their free time. As long as you don’t mind a game that The game is impossible to lose, so it’s a pretty solid title for a spare moment.

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