Farmerama – Breeding with egg

Farmerama – Growing with eggs

I first encountered Farmerama a few years ago, so I gladly return to it I knew. At that point I was pretty much sucked into the farm world, which I was infected by my friends who passionately talked about the fact that they just had to harvest another crop. Curiosity won out and I sat down to manage a virtual farm, and then I got stuck in it for months. Sentiment remained, and seemingly an old challenge, but in a slightly refreshed setting made a big impression on me and I knew I was involved in it for a long time.

Small fields, big steps

By default, as a virtual farmer I have to effectively manage the land, which is it for me. I quickly remembered what to do with what. I have gone through all the options and buildings to see where I can buy plant supplies, where I can buy a new place to raise chickens or where I can buy a new place to raise chickens lik. How do I get new supplies of water and fertilizer so that my seedlings can produce large crops faster and my livestock can offer the desired products?. Of course, along the way the m j financial budget, namely valuable hay. And then there are the experience points, with which I am taken to a higher level. This means that I have access to new species I can afford a lot more than just a modest apple tree and a chicken coop.



Farmerama is a free game, but you will find There are also options that allow you to make purchases in which e will pay no longer with hay, but with real money. Micropayments are often considered a disadvantage of various games. For me the option of an additional purchase In this case, it is not a disadvantage at all. There may be some who If you want to take advantage of it, your farm will become much more developed and interesting? As for me, the number of free options is completely sufficient to have fun and drown in the frenzy of weeding, weeding and weeding In the field, plant more crops, clean the barn and many other activities. They can customize their farm according to their own preferences. So I can decide on as many p l, which I can plant more and more new species of plants. In addition to the apple tree, there are other trees. The decoration is a friendly owl, which The game is not completely useless, because also gives you additional experience points.

The audiovisual setting

Graphically I like the current Farmerama better than this one, which I knew years ago. These are not significant changes, I would rather say cosmetic. For me, however, improving the enjoyment of this farm game. There are more options, possibilities. Their number is so large that I probably won’t be able to use them all for a long time yet. Colorful plants, quite realistically reproduced equipment for use on the farm, friendly animals and sounds, which hich perfectly resembles the real ones coming from p l, make the whole thing interesting for me. Friendly to the eye and ear. And, of course, addictive.


Idyllic and fun

Over time, you can develop other areas. The collection of points The experience and progression to the next level is not just about planting and tending to the animals. The virtual farmer is faced with the task of creating an ornamental garden. In p At a later time, you can go straight from the farm to a tropical beach. Or maybe winter mill? There is no shortage of presents in the game , kt There are more and more of them with time. Breeding and harvesting animals in maybe The Forest Glade and the Wild Meadow can also be used to collect points. If, on the other hand, the farmer wishes to take a break from farming for a while, he can successfully participate in occasional events that There is no shortage of them. Another interesting option are the mini-games, with prizes of course. And the latter allow you to develop your once poor farm even more efficiently. Special prizes, gifts and the opportunity to buy new buildings In addition to the apple tree, there are other trees and options for purchasing trees and plants, which appear very often, which is supposed to encourage regular logging into Farmerama. The occasions are not occasional, though often connected with holidays, which In the real world, this really does happen. Then you can purchase products , building The game offers a lot of interesting things to see, such as plants, animals, which are much harder to find every day.

Hops to the field and sow the crops

In fact, in every game I can usually find a downside. Small shortcomings or even large flaws, which I just don’t like them. Production from Bigpoint in my opinion, however, is devoid of them. As for me Farmerama is a game of high and satisfying level. Above all it is addictive, and in terms of subject matter it will interest players of all ages. The youngest, the slightly older, and the oldest, who ho want to get away from everyday life. It’s hard to know when the days of harvesting are passing by In and taking care of your animals. You can’t wait to grow juicy apples or plums. And still tempting are the buildings, tools, and devices that hich we can access only after collecting a sufficient amount of hay, point I’m used to firing up the chosen in order to m c finally see what this notorious harvester is capable of and not only. For me Farmerama is not able to get bored even for the most picky players.


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