FireFighter Game – In the Fire of Glory

FireFighter Game – In the Heat of Glory

I’m used to firing up the selected title, going through the tutorial to gain some knowledge, and then sitting down to play the real game. It was definitely different here. Even though I’m only at the very beginning according to the tutorial, it doesn’t annoy me like it does in other games. Number of options, tasks, kt and games or duels in which The number of firefighters who can participate is very high.

FireFighter Game

After this momentary nystagmus, I began to delve into each tab. Where do you get your tion to the book? Because each stage, building, unit, tasks to be performed and all kinds of other elements, are very precisely described. I have a feeling that I am getting to know more stories. Maybe in case of other productions such an overload of text would overwhelm me, but here I think it is in place. Makes sense, because I know why I have to start by building a base for firefighters , warehouse You can also buy spellstones in your garage or tank Into the water, and only then can I look for an employee in your own.

Experience, building and mini-games

This initial '0' on the experience account annoyed me for a while. I was building another building, expanding my staff, to m c participate in actions, and here still '0'. Such a laborious gaining of experience, and with it a loss of money. Among other things to build more buildings hich the firefighters cannot do without that firefighters can’t do without. With time, however, you manage to get to higher and higher levels and much faster. Creating a kind of maneuvering field for my squad, arranging space for firefighters It takes money and time. But the last one goes by pretty fast. Depending on the selected object, which ry wants to put on his firefighter „map”, I wait a few or so minutes. From the available options I can time the construction of the skr I have to cut it in half, but personally I feel sorry for the Point Premium, which that might come in handy on other occasions.

FireFighter Game

Wyb object to build is not a random. Base, garage, warehouse, financial office, hydrant, commissary, training ground, hospital, workshop and others. They are all described in detail. I know, from kt hat level I can create it at, how much I will pay for it, and how much maintenance you have to put up with. This is probably where I lost the most money, because I passionately started to build everything one by one, not minding the rapidly depleting account. But I put this down to my fascination with photographs, which I have seen in the past The stories in this section are the ones I’m used to nne objects.

I found some cool mini-games here, including dice. where I have already lost hundreds of zlotys, because it was so tempting to buy a new building I have to wait and believe in luck, that I will double the money and gain energy or fuel. I entered also on the list of participants in the lottery. Pośr In addition to these games/tasks, there are also competitions, a black market for bidding on various items, a lucky winner, in which I can win 1-3 days of premium account and many others. There is something to fight for!

Joining the

I don’t know about others, but for me these realistic photographs create the atmosphere of the whole strategic game. Anyway, it is not only the photographs that are the hook. There are real rates, real shares – a boiler room fire, a car fire, a house fire. On top of that you can take part in competitions, using your staff. Each such action is associated with earning, experience, but also fatigue cadre. In the end, FireFighter Game gives me the impression of actually being in this virtual world, a real firefighter, which ry sets out to save property and human lives.

FireFighter Game

I have been wondering for some time if I can find anything to complain about, but I haven’t found anything. There is a strategy to develop, you have to think about what to build, what to participate in, who to duel with. How to spend money to be an investment. Kt rych employee Choose your staff to make them strong and sturdy. I would be tempted to say that analytical and mathematical skills come in handy here. Somehow I do not lack adrenaline, which I have been looking for in various games so far. I’m tempted to level up. Put zn I’m playing a 200 PLN dice game, because maybe this time I will win something cool?

A game for which RETURN

Let me put it this way – everything is in its place. Nicely refined and accessibly described. Although it’s such a long read, it’s not boring at all. Encouraging to delve into the world of everyday firefighting. There is Also chat, so as a firefighter I don’t feel lonely. When you feel like it, you can easily chat.

FireFighter Game

I think I will return to this game often. There is no room for boredom, but for planning strategies to gain new levels, broaden your experience and m c allow myself to do more and more. So far, I have not played a game of this genre, kt ra would be, in my opinion, such a great reflection of the real work of firefighters. There is even a training room and you can do a dow driver. Could it be summed up any better? I think not, and what is planned and is yet to appear in the game, such as the vacation option, is also interesting and encourages to stay here a little longer.

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