Football Team – good MMO, even better simulator

Football Team – good MMO, even better simulator

Football Team is the only Polish game with a soccer theme. The game was published by football lovers. This is the only browser game where you can simultaneously create your own player and manage a whole team consisting of real players. The task is seemingly simple – you take on the role of an athlete, start training and developing your skills.

Soccer Team game

After registering on the website, we choose the basic information defining our player, including the position on the pitch and then we are thrown into the deep end. We will not experience a tutorial in the game. This way we see a neat and functional dashboard, which is the main place of all the action. The first tab in the dashboard is “character”. Here we can see all the most important stats of our player and personalize his appearance or open packages. There are 3 basic types of packages: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The higher the level of the package, the greater the chance that we will find a good item in it. We will get shorts, leggings or boots of our favorite team. They are gained along with the progress of the game (performing daily challenges, etc.).). We don’t have to pay for it with real currency. In addition, in the tab concerning our character we can find a menu of boosts for our skills and career details. What is interesting, during the game we can change the position played by our player (of course for the appropriate payment).

Training makes perfect

What would our player be without regular trainings?? In the dedicated section we send our player to train in specific skills. If our player is a striker, it is useful to invest in defensive points or pressing. If our player is a midfielder or a defender, it is worth paying attention to the defensive or playmaking/effectiveness points. Oh, and of course, let’s not forget about the condition of our player, so that he was able to run for the entire 90 minutes. In addition, in the training section we can sign up for club training, which takes place on a designated day at a designated time, and we have the opportunity to improve our tricks, which can be used not only on the pitch, but also in the duel for tricks. I have not encountered a similar solution anywhere else.

The “town” tab is the place to socialize with other players. Here we can enter the global chat, trade items on the market, and search for other players. In addition, we can also take on a job. The longer the challenge, the more money we earn from it It is done in real time. Fortunately, during its execution we can move around other sections of the dashboard and, for example, train our player. In the “competitions” tab we can see the upcoming matches and rankings of all the competitions.

Football Team soccer game

An involved community is essential

It is worth noting the fact of the existence of the so-called “FT”. “YT Leagues”, where teams created by youtubers compete against each other. This is beneficial not only because it brings publicity to the game itself, but also because it is very attractive to be part of a team created by your favourite youtuber. Since we are already on the clubs, it is worth mentioning one last tab – “club” If you do not belong to any club, you will find it in this section, or for an appropriate fee create your own. If you already belong to a team, this section will turn out to be one of the most visited. Here you will find the latest information on your club, your player contract and the squad

In conclusion, Football Team is a very good simulator. Greatly takes into account all the variables that can potentially affect the fate of the game and brilliantly fits the idea of not only a sports game, but also MMO. Playing FT we never feel alone.

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