Football Team – a football career in the palm of your hand

Football Team – Football career in the palm of your hand

Football Team

Soccer has and will continue to have its fans. Some of you have probably dreamed of a football career, but this could not necessarily come true. Over the years, many titles related to this sport have been released, but a good simulator was not easy to find. And at this point the protagonist of today’s review becomes Football Team – an exceptional soccer simulator in the Polish edition! Why unique? Well, in this game we not only create our own player and develop him, but we can also become a coach of the entire football team.

Football Team is a free game for web browsers. However, we do not have to lose contact with it, because it also offers us a mobile version. The game itself exists since 2009, but since then a lot has changed, which in effect gave players a brand new football manager. An unquestionable step forward appeared to be the closing of the old servers of the game and the creation of a single server, bringing together all players in the world of Football Team. This is all the more powerful because the simulator is based on the gameplay of a community of real players.

Football Team

Although the game does not have a tutorial, the whole interface is created so clearly that you can easily get acquainted with the entire game. In the Home tab you will find a lot of basic information ranging from mail, news and season data. We can also see a summary of our daily training and go to the calendar of daily challenges. Here we can also find a list of clubs to which we can join.


The whole game begins, of course, with the creation of our character in a tab of the same name. At this point we decide on which position on the pitch we want to play. Sometimes during the game we find that we prefer to play on other positions. In the event of such a situation, the creators came up to the players and allow them to change the played position during the game. However, this is available for a fee. In addition to customizing your player and being able to see all his stats, we’ll also be able to open packages. Thanks to them we can gain many items such as shirts, shorts or jerseys of our favorite team. Each item, of course, has a corresponding bonus to individual stats. In the game we distinguish 3 basic types of packages: bronze, silver and gold. Accordingly, the higher the level of the package, the higher the probability that we’ll hit a really good item. All the packs we get only for the progress in the game, which gives us the opportunity to get every kind of pack without paying additional micropayments.

Football Team

The lion’s share of our football career is nothing but solid training. Depending on the position on which we have decided to play, we practice the appropriate skills during basic training, such as. We can learn a lot of things, such as offensive or defensive play, reading the game, efficiency and of course something absolutely useful for everyone regardless of their position – fitness. In addition, we can train all sorts of tricks such as flipping, scissors or undercutting, and many others. In this case, there is a limit of 3 trainings per day. an unusual option turns out to be the use of tricks not only during a match on the pitch, but also during a duel for soccer tricks. In Football Team player training has even more expanded horizons. Reaching a high enough level we get access to the training center, where with one click we can train a given skill a few levels higher. This is a convenient option, but there is a one-time limit on it, which seems quite reasonable. In addition, if we have our own club, we get access to club training, which takes place once a day at a time determined by the whole team.

Football Team


Football Team

Definitely a great thing is the ability to join a club or create your own. With a large number of friends we can start our own club, which we will manage. It consists of real players, of course, and not NPCs. In addition to your own training, you should take care of the development and motivation of the rest of the team. With the right tactics the whole team can face another club. Such collaborative gameplay is an unbeatable plus in the eyes of the players and makes it impossible for them to complain about boredom.


Thanks to unique technology, the match engine is a 1:1 representation of the situation on the pitch and assumes random scenarios that can happen to players. In Football Team you can see a really big commitment to the development of the game. No wonder, after all the game was created by football lovers. The game is also focused on socialization with other players as in the real world of football. This is evidenced by the City tab, where you can find a global chat, trade on the market, find a player or a club. What’s more, we can even take on extra jobs to earn some extra money. The realism of the whole game has been presented here at a really high level. The game is constantly updated, which makes it even more attractive and challenging for the players. Therefore, with a clear conscience I recommend Football Team not only to enthusiasts, but also to people who are looking for a good simulator.

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