Fantasy Board Game – Labyrinth Paths of Destiny

Fantasy Board Game – Labyrinth: Paths of Destiny

Board games can entertain… during this board In this game we were building a labyrinth full of traps, we gained powerful artifacts, used magic abilities and fought for immortality Deceive the guardian of the underworld – the ancient Golem. The fun was great! The fantasy adventure game Labyrinth: Paths of Destiny is a must for all fans of in fantasy!

Fantasy Board Game Labyrinth: Paths of Destiny

Number of players: 2-6

Game time: 45-90 min.

Difficulty: easy / medium

The board game Labyrinth takes us to the ancient times in which you take on the role of an epic hero e set off on an adventure through the labyrinth to get the key to the central chamber, which immortality awaits. Underground of this board e will explore villages by building them, we will also have a chance to get magical items and cause mystical events as well as pass traps and jump from bridges (like w “Prince of Persia”) by defeating monsters or our friends ³, which They have the same goal.

The first edition of the game was already released in 2012 and immediately received the prestigious award “Players Award, Game of the Year”, kt The best family board games and not only, which The following games are released in Poland. In 2021, this board ka wr The game has been available for sale after several years of unavailability and is very popular among children The players, just like in previous editions of the. Labyrinth: Paths of Destiny at first glance resembles board games for children about the underworld such as “Lords of the Underworld”, “Karak” Whether “Brzdęk”, but the It differs from them significantly by allowing players to do more than other similar boards ki.

It is worth mentioning that the current, newest edition includes all the expansions. From an early age, our team loved to play games and grew up with the The rules for Labyrinth are just like that, which makes the game appealing to a very wide audience & Whether it’s Dragons, Magic the Gathering, or Warcraft, we were sure that the Labyrinth adventure (which The game (which we construct ourselves) can also be classified as a board game for adults and will provide us with hours of great fun. And this is how it was!

Contents: What’s in the Box?

What positively surprised us is the price of this board The game is based on the quantity and quality of the elements. This board game is a pure explosion of color The game surprises in a really positive way, although some re from the graphics They could have been a bit clearer. Everything is done quite carefully. Noteworthy is the large number of characters – 17 (15 + 2 from the add-on ).

Fantasy Board Game Labyrinth: Paths of Destiny

The authors of the game were tempted to add to the box a The authors of the game were tempted to add string bags to the box to keep it tidy, which is very much appreciated. In this game, too, there was room for bars of help, kt Some of them make it easier to learn. The best board games have one that should be able to be laid out and explained in 15 minutes. This time we succeeded and Labyrinth fulfilled this condition.

Fantasy Board Game Labyrinth: Paths of Destiny

We have to mention one more element of the game. The illustrations of the characters, the monster , event, item The game’s visuals are perfect – they beautifully render the fantasy atmosphere and make you want to explore the forgotten recesses of the labyrinth, which ry thanks to the use of infographics is very clear, just like the rest of the element. The game contains 55 cards, so something you have to think about yourself is the card shirts, but it’s not a mistake, because that’s what board games have.

Labyrinth: Paths of Destiny – Rules of the Game

Board games for kids, families and adults so called. “Sunday players” They have to be simple. The rules of Labyrinth are just like that, which makes it a game that can appeal to a very wide audience , as well as other well-known and recommended family board games to start, such as: “Talisman”, or “Settlers of Catan”. Play in the fantasy adventure game Labyrinth: Paths of Destiny continues until at least one player picks up a key from the key field, which hich is not adjacent to its starting square and reaches the center square with it.

Fantasy Board Game Labyrinth: Paths of Destiny

You might think that achieving the same goal each time might get boring, but it doesn’t, because each character is played in a completely different way b. We will find here the hero ith a focus on building and manipulating corridors (Architect, Illusionist), fighting and breaking through (Master of the Sword, Sister of War), healing and sealing the trail The dungeons are perfect – they beautifully reflect the fantasy atmosphere and make you want to explore the forgotten corners of the labyrinth and artifact (Teurg), mind control in other characters (Mentalman), controlling the Golem (Mrs. Golem in), as well as… controlling events (High Priestess) and the monster in (Enchantress).

In addition, it matters how the characters are placed on the starting fields. There is also no way to build the same maze with objects and traps in the same place. Each time in this board The game plays differently and that’s a big plus. This is also provided by a hex board (in the shape of a patch It’s a game that is very similar to the one from “Settler in Catan”.

The Fantasy Board Game Labyrinth: Paths of Destiny

Fantasy Board Game Labyrinth: Paths of Destiny

How to play Labyrinth? Players take their turns one by one according to the by clockwork. Each player can move one monster token after their turn, although this is optional. The game uses the ENERGY mechanism. In his turn, each player has exactly 2 ENERGY points, which The players take their turns in turn according to the directions. The player spends the turns on actions, abilities, and artifacts. Such as in the picture below…

Fantasy Board Game Labyrinth: Paths of Destiny

In a very large scrum You can spend ENERGY points on the following actions – there is a lot to choose from, but the basic ones are: move, build or set a trap. Moving is simply moving your pawn from a corridor on a tile to another corridor that ry player is adjacent to him. Always check what is there after a move – “EXPLORE IT”. If another character’s token is there – check what they are doing. When there is a guard standing there i.e. Golem – you should wr GO. A Trap token may also be placed there – then reveal it if it is covered and perform a Trap test. On such a field, there may also be a monster or another character – then a fight can happen. There may also be treasures on this field e.g. key to the central field or magic items – then you can pick them up.

Building is the action of drawing a maze tile and adding it to another tile or board frame. What’s interesting, we can add them next to each other to achieve the goal of the game, or to make it more difficult for others. I don’t know about you, but we love it when the boards ek you should be tempted to do this… “small kind gestures to friends ł” :D.

Setting a trap is the third head great action. It only serves the purpose of disturbing others or satisfying a needed little mischief while playing :D. You draw 1 token from the trap pool and place it near another player. Simple, right? And how juicy! Type There is a whole arsenal of traps and their effects can be surprising, from inflicting damage to stunning, or sending the victim to the other end of the labyrinth… oh yeah… A tear in your eye, you can feel the influence of computer games such as: Prince of Persia, Dungeon Keeper 2 / Dungeons 3, or Orcs Must Die.

Fantasy Board Game Labyrinth: Paths of Destiny

We can also spend our ENERGY on ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES. This includes climbing/descending, resting or attacking. The things that wyr hat makes this game different from other underground games is the board. Labyrinth in this game is multilevel and pretends to be a 3D board (in 2D isometric view). It came out well and it’s something, you This makes the game different from other underground games. In addition, many corridors have BRIDGES. As you can guess, you can change levels by doing a climb/climb action for 1 ENERGY.

Sometimes it happens that a character gets stunned (receives a stun token/s) – either while climbing/climbing or due to traps. Then he can do nothing else but spend 1 ENERGY to REST i.e. take 1 such stun token. The attack is quite obvious – it is performed when your character stands in a corridor, in which There may also be a stun token placed there r. The combat mechanics is simple and consists of throwing two dice and adding the appropriate modifier The ability to move (from a character sheet, the etc.). Side, which if the player gets a higher score, he wins.

Monsters have one life point and lose if our character gets a higher score, but to kill them you need to meet certain conditions. Other characters have 4 lives, but depending on their profession, our character deals 1, 2 or 3 damage when he wins a fight. The flavor of the battle adds to the fact that if you kill a monster you get an item. If you defeat a player character in a battle and they have an item, you can take it from them. If another player’s character dies and they have “Key to the Central Chamber” – then drops it beneath our feet and returns to its starting field to pursue us for our misdeeds! 😀 What’s interesting – dying doesn’t mean we lose. I think in this game everyone has a chance to win!

Fantasy Board Game Labyrinth: Paths of Destiny

Time to describe special actions. Characteristics are that you can perform each trap only once during your turn. They don’t pay off in the early stages of the game, but in the later stages they are a real terror :D. These include: making a Golem move, making a monster move, and activating (drawing a card) an event.

Let’s start with the Golem. It is indestructible. Whoever he meets moves to his starting area to the starting field You can enjoy the game from the beginning ;), but then you don’t lose the key. Spending 1 ENERGY draws a Golem movement card, which can be capricious and can… Move 1, 2 or 3 corridors (the highest chance is 1), don’t move at all, teleport (like Cyrax with “Mortal Kombat”) to the central field or to deactivate. Once the latter happens, it is safe to bypass the dop if someone doesn’t spend 1 ENERGY point to activate it again (then a card is drawn, but it doesn’t work).

This board game offers 3 species of monsters In the game there is always only one of them, kt hich is drawn before the game (we mixed them). They have their starting fields symmetrically distributed around The board – the game starts with 6. For 1 ENERGY you can move all of them (plus after each of your turns each player can move one). All monsters move from 0-3 corridors and they attack the player character, which they will meet. Unlike Golem, they can climb/climb. They are used for blocking, they make life miserable and more than once they can save the game! (e.g. dop If a player stands on the central field, you cannot win without defeating him).

The events are also worth mentioning. They are powerful. For 1 ENERGY we draw a card, which The Golem remains in the game until someone draws another event. Moreover, we get a small bonus i.e. a one-time effect, which ry helps us win. There are 12 of them, but after laying out the last one, the rest are shuffled for reuse.

Fantasy board game Labyrinth: Paths of Destiny

There is 1 action for 2 ENERGY i.e. Fate Crystal regeneration. The fate crystal allows us to repeat at any time Use any roll of the dice (there aren’t many of them: when fighting, pr The board is either used to pass a trap or climb/descend) or is used to use a third i.e. last “super hyper ultra giga mega arcy-” abilities of our hero. From the basics about this board This is basically it – so the game is not difficult after learning these basics. It is dynamic, smells of RPG, racing, adventure, fantasy and death games! Acha… and Prince of Persia. 😀

What you have to remember is that it is very interactive, i.e. The actions performed by the players are very dependent on each other and need to “keep an eye on” in the course of its other “smart guys” and watch what they do and what happens on the board, otherwise you can let someone win too fast ;). What’s interesting – the game also includes an additional option to split into teams, which provides another hours of fun, because every two / three m It’s not just one! This variant is available only to some players re board games for kids and it’s great if you plan on having a parent-child second account.

Fantasy board game Labyrinth: Paths of Destiny

Labyrinth: Paths of Destiny – Impressions from the Game

At first we were a bit scared by the amount of elements but we soon realized that the board game Labyrinth is quite simple, enjoyable and doesn’t require much time to master it. just like other family board games. Instead, we noticed that with each subsequent game, the games were made more fun by discovering how to properly use the characters’ abilities, the item and events (which hich are propelled) and we started to watch each other’s backs and interfere more, which made for a much more entertaining experience than other boards game, which e have recently had the opportunity to spr get. In design situations, this game is reminiscent of Fantasy Flight Games, which They are considered to be the best board games.

Fantasy Board Game Labyrinth: Paths of Destiny

Basically the game Labyrinth has everything we love about board games – competition, pace and dynamics, juiciness and lots of fun interactions between players. Provides fun and adrenaline. It also gives a lot of options – we can focus on building, setting traps, getting items Awards, Controlling the Golem and Monster of in, or influencing events.

Fantasy board game Labyrinth: Paths of Destiny

Labyrinth: Paths of Destiny is very replayable. Parties The game is very replayable and after each one you want to play it again. This is because each character is played differently, which is a big plus. You will also find a lot of enjoyment in this game for those who Those who love board games games, in which They can be masters of the underworld who disturb others, epic heroes, or the both in one and the other.

Due to the team variant, the game can be played on the p The “family board games”, Definitely children playing alone with friends They will also have fun with it. We also, as “weekend players” While organizing our board games for adults we had (and still have) a lot of fun with it, so it is a good board game for those starting out with board games ith. Another advantage of fantasy game Labyrinth is its price – ranging from 120-160 PLN (board (fantasy games today can cost much more than 200 PLN).

Labyrinth: Paths of Destiny – Final Rating

Fantasy board game Labyrinth: Paths of Destiny

Provides entertainment – 9/10

Does not get boring – 10/10

Interaction with others – 9/10

The price vs. quality – 8/10

Implementation – 8/10

FINAL RATING: 8.8 / 10

Labyrinth: Paths of Destiny – Summary

The board game Labyrinth: Paths of Destiny is reminiscent of board games for children such as, Labyrinth by Ravensburger (with a similar title) and games such as Karak or Brzdęk. It can compete with them and in many ways is better than them. Already from the moment you read the manual you can feel that everything in this new edition is well thought out and planned – the authors don’t pr They were wasting time developing this game for a few years. The balance of this board The gameplay is very good and the execution is beautiful.

Fantasy Board Game Labyrinth: Paths of Destiny

Labyrinth: Paths of Destiny – winner “Game of the Year Awards, Wyr Players’ involvement” In our personal ranking of favorite board games it certainly ranks high – on the p game “best board games” due to its simplicity, speed, replayability, and high interaction, which e love it.

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