Generals Art of War The future belongs to war

Generals Art of War ? The future belongs to war

Money, resources and power – are things that re according to some e can also forget about our command, which will determine the power of the future, or at least a less positive vision of it. This is exactly what the tw Generals Art Of War, a browser strategy game with RPG elements, in which The player has to take care not only of the army, but also of the development economic and appropriate alliances.

The first time you play the game, you might be misled into thinking that this is just another clone of a well-known browser game. Ot, a large map with a lot of towns of other players, construction of basic buildings In addition to infantry, a few offensive units, and by the way the notorious incentives to buy kt of the package at a premium. Indeed, someone who last started the browser game Tribes should not feel lost, but Generals Art Of War is much more.

Generals. Art of War


Generals Art of War is such a complex title that the gameplay can be divided into several genres. The game starts as a citybuilder, because a meaningful start requires the player to erect a certain number of buildings. A word of praise is due here, for the multitude of of War is really impressive. Starting with buildings On the world map you can find not only other players, but also storehouses, warehouses, etc., in the residential areas, through institutions that improve research, training of units or those related to raw materials, such as power plants or oil refineries.

Another element of the game is an extensive economy and strategy. The aforementioned buildings provide us with resources in energy, metal, plastic, fuel and money. Lack of even one of the listed raw The development of the game will quickly turn out to be disastrous, so it is worthwhile to plan the next phases of development properly. Of course, own production is not the only source of Income source. On the map of the world there are not only other players, but also warehouses of various Resources In addition, the studio Bluehole. The latter can defend themselves, but the warehouses are a great and profitable target for attack .

Generals. Art of War


As befits a game with elements of strategy and RPG, a very wide range of options we get when recruiting an army. There are a lot of units, because in addition to infantry (o e can also try to get ground vehicles, aviation, drones or defensive devices such as barbed wire or barriers. Unlocking more genres in an army is done through research. We cannot forget about our commanders masters. The character collects experience points, for which You buy new skills and develop existing ones.

In addition to leading an army, our general can have a positive influence on e.g. on the speed of construction or attack power. Perks can be modified through the appropriate equipment items. There are many options to choose from, allowing you to focus on particular The way of the oil magnate will certainly support our economic independence, while the command of the oil magnate will support our economic independence The military leader will make our army even stronger.

Generals. Art of War


After the development and construction, the main Another axis of the game are alliances, to which e can join. They provide us with the ability to perform additional missions, but they also constitute a kind of strength and our position. This element of the game The combat is based on a system of counteracting units. Apart from the standard rankings, we have the options of receiving and giving help to other players in our ‘’teams’’, organizing wsp You’ll be rewarded with a variety of quests and (more pleasantly) The most important d in the form of resources The tutorial will guide you through each phase of the game.

Yes, the game is based on a standard time model. While building and recruiting takes a lot of time in the initial phase, a military builder will make sure that you have a lot of time to spend on your own Then we will have to wait even long hours before the next upgrade or unit. Surprisingly, it’s not that annoying. From the very beginning the game urges us to perform certain actions, which rewards just accelerations. As a result, after quite a In a short period of time, we are able to accumulate a considerable amount of them, and thus efficiently develop our city.

Generals. Art of War


Despite the use of well-known and established schemes Generals Art of War can entertain you. A multitude of solutions, many phases and dimensions in the games, there is simply something to do in the production even if sometimes we have to wait for the construction or research. The tutorial guides you through each phase of the game, so there are no The atmospheric soundtrack and interesting visuals make you want to come back to this title. In addition, the title can run e can also use them in the mobile application, thanks to which we will ensure the continuity of our city’s command

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