Armored Warfare – The creeping alternative to armored shooters

Armored Warfare – The creepier alternative to armored shooters

At first glance, the game seems to be another clone of classic WoT, but you can quickly pick up on the features from the classic WoT that sets it apart from the competition. Will the production from Obsidian Entertainment be able to bring a new quality to the genre?

When World of Tanks was released in 2011, it was something completely new – armored battles, multiplying Variety of available tanks. The title quickly grows The game is growing in popularity and has even become an e-sport. I've played my share of metal monstrosities, but over time the gameplay became monotonous for me. That's why I approached Armored Warfare with distance, fearing only a refreshed version of the same game. While the interface and combat objectives are very similar, over time I noticed more and more The differences between the two titles.

Armored Warfare

Let's start with the fact that the game, in a refreshed Unlike the competition, it has a storyline. The world, plunged in many crises, began a project to create private military corporations, which hich is to fight fights The fact that the game has been developed in a way that in rebuilding ruined countries. The concept seems trivial, but it's also enough to get a feel for the mission, which is a very interesting one The graphics look very good, and some of them contain additional elements of the story. Obsidian is known for writing interesting stories (such as in Knights of the Old Republic II), and they assure us that they will expand this aspect of the game, which is very welcome in my opinion.

Modern battlefield

Graphically the game looks very good – From high quality textures, through explosions, to weather phenomena. The whole gives a very realistic picture, even on lower details. Some Some missions are carried out at night or during a heavy rain, which makes them more realistic Unfortunately, Armored Warfare's frame rate can be very low ł. But despite this, I think the game is pretty well optimized – even on my old laptop I was able to crank out over 30 frames on medium settings. Realistic environment is supported by Also the soundtrack, which it's composed of some It's not as easy as it sounds, it's just a bit of war music – Heavy brass and some rock. In some places you can feel like in a typical Battlefield, which I personally don't consider a minus.

Armored Warfare

Armored Warfare offers us head tually from the turn of the 20th and 21st century. The oldest development trees date back to in the Vietnam War and they are often the first to be e will be able to play the game as if we were. We have five types at our disposal in units – Basic tanks, light tanks, armoured fighting vehicles, tank destroyers and self-propelled guns. Each class has its place on the battlefield. I will admit that the introduction of lighter haulers in combat (which e can also see how much of a bonus the It also gives more dynamism to the PvP gameplay, which I missed in World of Tanks.

Another The difference from the previous is the lack of division in the technology tree into countries. The already mentioned military corporations are a substitute, which hich j assortment of vehicles with From different parts of the world. This allows developers to more easily implement new units without having to rethink the entire development tree.

Tank for tank

And here we come to the heart of the game – fighting fans. I'll start by saying that the vehicle control gives another feeling of realism. As much as it is possible to feel the weight of our tin monster and to each you need to have a slightly different hand. The interface is filled with useful information, including a very useful shielding system, which ry constantly shows us which sides of the vehicle and how strong a bonus we get thanks to the terrain.

Armored Warfare

PvP mission objectives are very basic – Take over a given point or destroy all enemy vehicles. This fact may worry you, because the lack of innovation in the main The base itself is a small addition where we have access to several buildings It's good for players who This is the reason why people have left similar titles. Spos Aiming is the same as in the rest of the armored shooters – We look for the weak point in the opponent's vehicle and choose the appropriate ammunition. This one seems to me to play a bigger role in this production, especially since there is no (and according to claims will never be) premium ammunition. Therefore, I don't have any major complaints about the combat system itself, but I'm still waiting for more developed objectives for the skirmishes themselves.

And here I encountered something that I did not expect from this type of game – PvE missions. These are in no way copies of PvP battles, where the opponent is e have bots. Here we will experience dedicated scenarios, sometimes even with maps, which The new units are not available in any other mode. They are accompanied by a simple narrative, as well as consecutive objectives. Opponents appear with This is the reason why you can't play on the battlefield. While most of the time it comes down to a massive attack of medium-smart bot e have five types of tanks to choose from I'll start with the fact that the vehicle controls give another feeling of realism. The rewards for these missions are slightly less than for the PvP fights, but they allow you to achieve the same things that the main game offers Different gameplay mode. Games in this genre place a strong emphasis on competition, which is often reflected in a toxic environment. Therefore I give a plus for this, a bit looser PvE mode, which The rewards for these missions are a little smaller than for the PvP fights, but they allow you to achieve the same as what we are offered in the main game.

Armored Warfare

And all this for free?!

Payment system is typical for this genre freemium – We pay for faster advancement and gaining funds, as well as for premium vehicles (which we have to pay for) hich seems to be an interesting version of the They can be used to increase the amount of a given resource or decrease the cost of a given resource.). The price for given premium account periods is por The price is comparable to other titles, but here we can lower it by developing a special building in our base. The base itself is a small addition, where we have access to several buildings , kt e can improve them by a few levels – Each works by increasing the amount of a given resource or reducing the cost of I have to pay for improvements or repairs. A nice icing on the cake, which If the developers promise the same expansion.

Armored Warfare

The game is still in beta, so there are still a few major updates ahead, which The icing on the cake is that the game will be released, but it already has enough content for fans of In the genre, as well as to integrate new players. These, unfortunately, are still lacking, especially in the case of the game Not only „rush hour”, where you can spend a good few minutes in line. Nevertheless, I consider Armored Warfare to be a promising production, which It has the potential to transform the genre, or at least encourage a different audience. I can safely recommend it for use in a zoo bing, especially since it doesn't cost you anything.

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