BeeFighters – That bee you see here.

BeeFighters – That Bee a boat, which that you see here.

They call them BeeFighters! As the name suggests, we are dealing with fighting bees. And it is no different strictly in the game, although. I have my comments, conclusions or thoughts here. Zar Both on the plus side and on the minus side. Overall, BeeFighters is surprising in many ways. Very different from the games I have dealt with so far. For me, this is a production that The game is supposed to be a game, but on the other hand it would be a great combination of fun and useful – educational game. Or at least one that hich inspires you to delve a little bit deeper into the world of biology, in this case the subject of stinging insects .

At first glance

I always emphasize that I am not fond of tutorials. I just prefer to go through all the options one by one. While this is a subjective evaluation, objectively I think that the tutorial in the form of a few pages of pdf text is not a very encouraging option. Although there may be players who Those who prefer to fight battles with bees in one window I have to pay a certain amount of money plus VAT to get access to the elements I need, and in the second I have a preview, in the form of hints, where, what and how. So in the end, I don’t consider it either a plus or a minus. But personally I am not convinced by this form.


I am definitely more convinced not by the layout itself, but by the pictures of the bees ³, kt that we learn about in BeeFighters. In the game we can choose from 6 types of in bees You can choose between classic, rare, epic, legendary, mythical and healing. Each one has its own skills, and the post I’ve got a lot of options: sting, poison, HP regeneration, steel armor, stun and dodge. Additionally they can be modified. While in the biological sense it is difficult to m of these abilities, as many pictures of bees The game’s characters are simply amazing. And believe me, having studied biology for several years, such photographs are able to encourage me much more in this field than learning about benetites (fossil plants from the Mesozoic era), which These are so old that none of the currently living professors in, doctor in and magistrate , live did not know them. And you need to know about them. if we had BeeFighters available instead, I suspect that far more students ould feel encouraged to study it.

Actions, fights, honey exchange, adventure, trade, and much more

The game itself visually reminds me of a well-designed website. Is it bad? After I slept through my first impression of BeeFighters, I found it to be something completely different. And quite convenient when it comes to navigation. I am not looking for what is what, what does the icon mean, where can I find the forum or other options. Besides, there are a lot of options. You can exchange your mi The game is also a great place to play. Fight with other players, join a clan in, chat! It’s hard to get bored, although for example fights with drawn players don’t provide much excitement. Just click and you win or lose. However, you gain power points, energy, and also money.


As for the latter. The cash that ri ghts that are well known to us ki. When a few thousand zlotys appear on the account quite quickly, the impression is quite specific. But on the other hand, the whole thing gains a more realistic character. There are additional options, paid for not only by those „fake” gold but the real ones, through text messages. The latter I consider a minus, because finding such options I felt a bit like in a service, where I have to pay a certain amount plus VAT to get access to the elements I need .

Educational role

BeeFighters is suitable for players of all types. Inexperienced, experienced, younger, older. Those who ho have never had a love of biology, as well as those who They even rotate in this area on a daily basis. The previously mentioned encouragement to get to know the bees thanks to the photos, there’s more. Choosing an option „Adventure” The player has a chance to go through the stages of gaining experience, point in, collecting money as well as nectar. In these adventurous skirmishes there are many times Some information regarding, let’s call it og lnie – life bee ł. The whole thing is therefore not devoid of inspiration, knowledge and of course encouragement to get to know these creatures a little more thoroughly outside of BeeFighters.


The one that greets us at the first glance creates a valiant bee, a cartoonish one, in a red robe, who ry to his attitude resembles the hero of the most popular and well-known fairy tales or the movie The fact that we do not have the possibility to interfere in any way with what is happening on the table also evokes positive impressions and encourages us to spend our free time on this production.

Ranking and rewards

Having the best bee turns out to be not only fun. For a player, this may be the goal! Users who achieve the best results get rewards. No no. I don’t I am thinking about such virtual, beefighters. I have in mind real prizes, such as pendrive. So there is something to fight for. So if that’s still not enough to convince you, I suggest you take a look at the „Clan”. Don’t these names evoke positive vibes for potential fans of in the skirmishes in the world of sting? 😉

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