Chronicles of Fallathan – imagination and sword

Chronicles of Fallathan – imagination and sword

As we go through our adventures in the game, we have the impression that many of the schemes in the games are just copies of solutions from other productions or creators. The repetition can be tiresome even though RPGs are basically descended from the same paper ancestors. What if we paid homage to the text-based classics and transferred this type of game to the digital reality? This is exactly what the creators of Chronicles of Fallathan came up with.

Chronicles of Fallathan

The first contact with the game can be extremely shocking, especially for newcomers to the genre, or people simply accustomed to beautifully modeled worlds in three dimensions. The Chronicles of Fallathan is a game in which the main role is played by ourselves with the help of our imagination. This is a text-based production, which, despite many beautiful graphics, does not have the technology known from the latest computer titles. In this case, the game is played with the help of text, statistics, the community of players and most importantly, using our own imagination.


The world of Fallathan Chronicles is a typical representative of the fantasy genre, behind which stand magic and mysterious powers. It is really the background to all the events and more important elements, because the game itself has several interesting solutions to offer. One of them is certainly creating your own character. This wizard resembles both the process of choosing a hero in paper RPGs and the best wizards from the classics of the genre. In the game we can choose from 18 races, such as human, dwarf, elf or a number of representatives inspired by famous mythologies. In addition, we choose the gender, origin and other characteristics that are key to the gameplay. In addition to the standard races, players can also use the ones marked as “bonus”. For example, the werewolf, which the player can become only during the game. During the creation of the character we also choose the character of our hero, because it affects the perception of our character in the world and our interactions with it.

Chronicles of Fallathan


And what is the fun in the Chronicles of Fallathan all about?? It is basically a typical representative of the MMORPG genre with all the features of this popular game variety. We have a number of activities, such as blacksmithing or gathering, as well as various locations, side characters and missions to do. There was also a combat system – after all, this is an RPG. Duels take place not only with monsters, but also with other players. Therefore, it is worth remembering about proper training, improving skills and acquiring equipment. Character development along with discovering new abilities and locations is satisfying, but also gives an idea of how great the whole game is.

At this point it is worth considering whether the level of complexity of The Chronicles of Fallathan is a disadvantage or an advantage. The answer at this point is not clear, because in the first moments the game overwhelms. It’s really big despite being a text-based MMORPG. An untrained player can get lost in all the different options, statistics and windows. However, this is how it is at the beginning, so that the game seems to be more and more clear and comprehensible with the subsequent actions. As a matter of fact, it is constructed very logically and intuitively – it’s enough to spend some time on it. In return, it repays with extremely interesting gameplay, which reminds the best and memorable sessions of classic RPGs, in which we really play the role of our hero in this interesting and adventurous world.

Chronicles of Fallathan

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