Space Warriors – a sweet return to childhood

Space Warriors – sweet return t of your childhood

Space Warriors is a classic browser game with a rich history and a lot of heart put into maintaining it. What we have here is not only the translation of childhood memories into an online game, but also a team of passionate gamers elements, which They created a community of players similar to themselves – who love the Dragon Ball series.

Space Warriors

Dragon Ball universe is in many circles a thing considered sacred, something cult, classic and close to perfect. Details l years ago, when many of us were still children, enjoyed this fantastic world and regularly plunged into its fate. Tw rcom Space Warriors So the idea was to move this blissful time to modern realities, to computer screens and with the help of a web browser.


Space Warriors is an example of a classic browser game with a rich system of your character’s development, which could be compared to the classic online game Space Warriors e would like to refer to well-known solutions from MMORPG games. We start the game by choosing our character. We can start our adventure in the shoes of Son Goku or Vegeta, so these are the real heroes of the popular universe. Our story path and tasks will also depend on this, which e will face up to.

The story in the game is based on many popular animation series, such as Dragon Ball Z, GT and AF. The plot, themes, quests and characters encountered on our way are full of flavor The game has a lot of elements and references to the well-known saga, so every Dragon Ball fan will find themselves in the game perfectly. Is it, then, a title exclusively for the lovers of and enthusiasts ? Not necessarily, because the game and its mechanics are quite simple, which makes it a bit more challenging The entry fee is quite low.

Space Warriors


Browser-based online games are a very specific genre, and not everyone may like their style of gameplay. Space Warriors has many features of a standard browser game – We are talking here about actions lasting in real time (often many minutes), and limited action points (here comes the possibility of supporting your character with real ready ). However, in the rebirth of the As opposed to other games, it also has something interesting and challenging The forum is very well organized and has many features of a standard browser game. It is definitely a combination of many complex elements and really a lot of activity.

In addition to an extensive menu with statistics, quests and our character’s equipment, we also have a world map at our disposal. We move through it „in real time”, and along the way we encounter other players, opponents, and and quests. So you can fight battles, gain experience and learn about the story. Such interaction is a very interesting thing considering the fact that browser games accustomed us to something different.

Space Warriors


In addition to traversing the map, completing quests and dueling The game also offers training, going on expeditions or elements of a typical MMORPG title. Tw The developers have remembered about the fights with legendary bosses, implemented instances or clan system. The latter is the strength of the title at the moment, because an important element of the game is its community.

Many players have been with Space Warriors since the very beginning of the title, they also contributed to the improvement of the game, thanks to the appropriate indications tips and tricks. They form a harmonious team of enthusiasts The gameplay of Space Warriors is a bit archaic, but it’s still a great social experience, especially when you’re a kid lnie for fans in Dragon Ball.

Space Warriors

As a result, Space Warriors is a title which The game will certainly appeal to old fans of the Dragon Ball world, but also to those who The creators of Fallathan Chronicles would like to remind us of the golden times of the lnych online games with strangers, chat and creating a community like in the old days. The game provides a lot of activity, and the whole interface and mechanics is learned during the tutorial. The game is free and definitely worth checking out.

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