League of Angels IV Heaven’s Fury – Evolution in the right direction

League of Angels IV Heaven's Fury – Evolution in the right direction

The League of Angels series is a phenomenon in its own right. Several million ith players around the world regularly visiting hundreds of servers in The game has a lot of different parts, and there are The League of Angels IV Heaven is a great example of the kind of stats you can boast about, such as a huge fan base The interface is painfully difficult to use for those playing their titles at the same time. The games in the series, however, have a few features which They differ in classes, which may not be to everyone’s liking. Details They are mostly for players from Europe, which people are used to something a bit different. League of Angels IV Heaven’Fury is, in this case, an evolution in the right direction.

League of Angels IV Heaven

Another production set in the universe of League of Angels begins with a small download to the computer, which is not a typical browser game. You can also see it at first glance, because the visual side of the game is definitely one of the strongest. This is not, of course, the level of the largest giants of the in the industry, but the visuals are very pleasing and definitely surpass what you would expect from a free and almost browser-based MMO. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the sound – is poor and rather chaotic.


The game starts with choosing your character. Tw The developers have prepared three, an archer, a mage and something like a dragon warrior. They are They are very different from each other, so they present a completely different style of play and further development. At the same time they provide a similar pr The game is very easy to play, so every player can think only about what kind of fight he will prefer, rather than the complexity of a particular class. After making this choice (in kt If you don’t have the ability to do advanced editing of your own hero, you’re ready to embark on an adventure.

League of Angels IV Heaven

An important change is the system of combat and interaction, which It seems to be a very standard element for the Far East gaming market in the. We are of course talking about the automation of a number of activities, such as movement and combat. How it looks in the newest LoA? Tw The developers have enriched the game with the possibility of a more interactive approach to the theme, so we can fight as in popular MMOs or hack’n’slash. We use special abilities and „click” on the individual opponents The target of the attack. This change is not mandatory, so we can return The old and familiar automatic system.


League of Angels IV Heaven’s Fury also invites players to join it with an extensive combat system using the title angels. Just right These divine characters will allow us to create the image of the battlefield at will, and above all, they will be invaluable help in defeating enemies. This applies to both Both those directed by the artificial intelligence, as well as the opponent In PvP modes, which the main a common axis of fun. The game allows The game also allows the player to participate in the popular raids esp fight with your friends or comrades from alliances.

League of Angels IV Heaven

The latest production in the series is not without some the mistakes e use the special abilities of our predecessors. Again, there is the problem of an interface overloaded with information, which The action takes place in the fantastic world of Valoran, which attacks the player from every side with new information about statistics, dozens of The ability to speed up your progress by spending real money. There is nothing to hide – New windows appearing all the time and things to click on can be frightening in detail If you’ve never played an MMO before, you’re in for a treat. On the other hand, it can also be considered attractive. Increasing stats, upgrading a number of items in whether defeating waves of opponents provide a certain amount of satisfaction from playing. The latest LoA is therefore a must for existing fans of the The action takes place in a fantastic world of Valoran ry, attacking the player from every side with new information about the statistics, dozens of awards, and chances to attract newcomers to the series.

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