Code Red Agent Sarah`s Story Your service starts now

Code Red Agent Sarah`s Story? Your service begins now

In recent months the Polish community has been more and more willing to sit in front of the TV screen , all thanks to the raging fashion for crime series. The intriguing stories and unusual characters have attracted a growing number of fans from episode to episode. Productions of this type have a thrill of their own, which ry allows us to break out of the gray, boring environment. But what happens when we have to lead our own investigation?? Will you create the perfect recipe when you add this ingredient, or will you miss the taste? Let's see how well the Code Red Agent Sarah`s Story crew cooks.

Black bread and black coffee

Through the most popular social network I launched the discussed production. As the main the main character of our co The next adventure had to wait a bit longer due to small technical problems. Fortunately, the instructions she pronounced were clear and fully legible. Already after a few moments I was struck by the dark whiff of the menu head. Simplicity, shades of grey and intriguing musical setting – this composition almost immediately prepared me mentally to hold the badge of FBI agent. In the game I was welcomed by kr The tutorial is very simple and easy to follow. In just a minute, I had mastered the neat gameplay mechanics.


The further I went into the forest, the more fungus I encountered but I honestly don't know what to think as the commander, some re were a bit unpalatable. The game is polonized, however, there are elements in which of languages impose themselves on each other. It's not something that spoils the gameplay, but changing to English made me more comfortable playing. During the investigation the music was doing a great job. Unfortunately, in the moments of tension when I was focusing on connecting the most important threads The overclocked decibels were throwing me off rhythm. A moment of frustration caused me to take away the game's soundtrack, but fortunately the pangs were only temporary.

Everything flows, nothing stands still

It is the same with the plot. We take on the role of a commanding The FBI investigative team leader who The toughest puzzle awaits in a career. Each of the presented os screens, both both j team The characters, as well as the third person characters, were carefully crafted. The appearance, the unusual past or the way I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the main characters were quite intensive b. Well maybe pr black of the president, who ry game reminded me of Denzel Washington every time. Every element of the gameplay shows the hard work of the tw rc. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the head The main character may starve to death. I realize how monstrous that sounds, but the compulsion to keep Sarah at top speed was another incentive to think. Energy symbol head The main character's name can be found on the right side of the screen in the corner of the screen, it's a small battery. Often, I would get caught up in the gameplay and not notice the escaping forces. At such moments I realized how satisfying it would be to hear Sarah's voice impersonated, who ry informs us about hunger. I am sure it would not be a convenience, but an additional interesting audio effect. The Criminal Imposition A little speech in a few situations would, in my humble opinion, spice up the game.


A show worthy of the finale

At every step of the The idea of creating educational games is nothing new, but an unusual project by the PoznaƄ studio makes it possible to change the approach to electronic entertainment rc. You can see how passionate they are about their production. A big minus is the game's dependence on the Internet. Such good gameplay could spice up many a trip or lunch break. What is there to know? hint, Code Red Agent Sarah`s Story crew keep your aprons on because you served me a great meal.

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