Conqueror s Blade – spectacular castle siege and a good MMO

Conqueror's Blade – a spectacular castle siege and a good MMO

A few months ago, as part of the global In this text we introduced you to Conqueror’s Blade. Production created by Booming Games studio and published by The title quickly gained fame already in the initial testing phases and became one of the most anticipated games of the year despite many problems in nature zar both technically and gameplay-wise. Head complained I’m also aware that it’s a game from 13 years ago with random shutdowns and a rigid combat system that The gameplay should be a priority in a game like this. Is Conqueror’s Blade is a better game today?

Free For Honor?

Conqueror’s Blade is, in a large The game is a MMORPG. The goal of our adventure will be to get the most impact on a strategic world map. For this purpose, we take part in the siege of enemy fortifications on the open battlefield, which It gives us relative freedom in making strategic decisions. Many wasps b notes some ideas taken from other games. Often in the midst of I was talking to some of my friends when I was thinking about the a few months ago, it was described as a “free For Honor” and indeed – the game is perceived this way by players suggesting themselves on promotional materials. In reality it is something completely different. It is an interesting mishmash. On the one hand, it tries to be an action game with real-time strategy elements reminiscent of the core gameplay of Mount & Blade. On the other hand, it is simply a multiplayer battle arena, which It reminded me a bit of Panzar I’ve been playing. On the other hand, playing the title I felt like I was playing Total War Arena, with this The difference is that in TPP perspective. Construction of the maps somewhat resembles those of the I had to deal with in Arena, and the battle ends the same way – after taking over dw The second is that it’s just a multiplayer battle arena which is an interesting mishmash of flags. In addition, during the siege of the castle we not only control our hero, but also the unit of choice. We can give basic orders, such as attack and follow our hero. The good thing is It’s also about setting up a unit in a proper formation It also strengthened my associations with Total War. Units can be upgraded in a tree inspired by the one that e can find it for example in World of Tanks.

Conqueror?s Blade

A dull show

The gameplay starts naturally, with character creation. Already at this stage the game promises to be a pretty solid MMORPG. There are quite a few options for customizing the appearance here. After creating a persona you choose one of several nations and weapon type. Type there are exactly eight types of soldiers – pikemen, lancers, ranged units, knights with shield etc. Everyone will find something for themselves. Unfortunately, the combat model itself still hasn’t changed and remains the Achilles heel of this game. “Castle Siege” is spectacular, but all of its potential was wasted by the combat system. The beauty of the view of trebuchets and other structures supporting the assault on the castle against the background of the entire army animated on the game engine, is overshadowed by the wooden combat. Our hero is sometimes unresponsive or gets blocked in the crowd by large hitboxes. The animations take away from the immersion, and about creating combinations of blows don’t even dream about it. In addition, the negative aspects of the combat system are compounded by the poor network code. Despite the appropriate “pingu” and so I felt the op The delay in inflicting damage. It’s a shame, because it’s in the combat that we’ll spend most of our time, but if you can get used to these flaws, you’ll enjoy the game. Each class has unique abilities, but we won’t encounter magic or any fantasy themes here. Just the usual medieval. The game is aimed at a very specific group of recipients The graphics are on a good level, but I encountered one problem – the fluidity of the animation of units or elements, and yet it is doing great and attracting more and more fresh players.
Conqueror?s Blade
A few elements were thrown in here The animations knock the immersion out of the rich development character design, crafting, etc. There is no hub as such in the game. When entering the game, we start the session in the city, where we interact with other players or NPCs. The interface is clear and has some nice improvements for the player. For example, just by clicking on the highlighted NPC’s name in the quest content, our hero will go to him automatically. This is a feature that is great for people who those bored “manual” podr Treading through the open world, crafting, etc. Fortunately, this is the only automated action in the game. The graphic design stands on a good level, but I encountered one problem – the fluidity of the animation of units or elements in environments (e.g. flags) decreases as the distance from the observed object increases. Looking at the units several meters away in, you will notice that the quality of animation drastically decreases. Flags fly as if they were plastic, and pikemen teleport a few meters ith a frequency of every second. Admittedly, I played the title on medium-low settings, but this imperfection is visible Also on higher presets. And since we are already talking about graphic settings, it is worth noting that the optimization has been significantly improved. This does not mean, however, that it is perfect. The game still doesn’t look adequate for the hardware requirements. Fortunately, the audio layer is devoid of any of the more annoying problems in technical terms, but It is also not and flight combinations. The soundtrack is ok, but the sound effects lack some depth and better stereo separation.
Conqueror's Blade
At this point you can have a lot of fun in the game – podr You can travel between locations, explore the world, interact with others, create items, play politics and engage in clan life etc. Although some gaming community is afraid of pay to win, at the moment the publisher is doing quite well and not reaching for drastic solutions. Conqueror’s Blade turns out to be an extremely powerful MMORPG. It’s so complex that if I wanted to describe all aspects, I would have to increase the volume of the text twice. Game is a very good MMO, but it will reject players looking for satisfying gameplay. That’s why it rejected me, among others. This does not mean that Conqueror’s Blade is a bad game – it just targets a very narrow group. An improved combat system would definitely draw me back to the game again. Definitely worth giving the game a chance. And maybe someone of you will like it.

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