CosmoPulse 2. 0 will take us to the darkest corners of the galaxy

CosmoPulse 2.0 will take us to the darkest corners of the in galaxies

Have you ever dreamed of conquering an entire world? Maybe you should think about space instead! There is no shortage of planets ready to be colonized, area In order to conquer or pirate in order to destroy. Time to start your own galactic empire.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

CosmoPulse 2.0 is a renewed version of the production from 2005. The project is the work of independent tw rc in, which ho are professional programmers on a daily basis. The authors (Tomasz 'mali' Malinowski and Marcin 'yezoo' Strojny) treat the whole thing as a hobby, which is definitely not visible in the game. Because as for the browser production, we are dealing with a complex title, giving us a lot of fun A hundred options, which tional, but it’s not the only thing that makes the game more fun It is worth looking for in other productions of this type. So, let’s start the galactic drive and fly!

The beginning of my adventure with CP2 was quite poor. I am accustomed to browser games, which The game is not linear anymore e do not have to act intuitively. You usually have to figure everything out on your own by clicking everywhere. CosmoPulse 2.0 puts the player in a completely opposite situation. Neat, but devoid of waterworks At first glance, the interface reveals that in this production, the pr e will be looking for a picture. A modest menu, however, serves its purpose and takes us to the right places without unnecessary op Fails. We do not have to act intuitively, the multitude of descriptive effectively explains every aspect of the gameplay. The problem is, however, that some kind of initial tutorial would be useful. CP2 has so many options that it is easy to get lost.

Hitchhiking through the galaxy

Unlike other browser-based strategies of space conquest, such as the. OGame, here you have to have a plan of action and think for yourself. In the aforementioned title, we don’t have much room to make our own decisions – ot, we develop new buildings to climb up the scoreboard. In the case of CP2, we are the masters of our own fate. Nobody forces us to explore space, conquer players’ planets or commit robberies. We can have a lot of fun, without putting our nose outside our solar system, or even the atmosphere of the home planet.


All the fun in the head is largely based on the development of. We have four resources (energy, metal, crystal, biomass), which e receive credits by developing specific buildings. For this we have to take care of creating a warehouse for their storage, so that our currency is not wasted. When we have a need for more e.g. If we are not able to produce as much metal as we need quickly, we can trade. The trade consortium allows you to exchange credits for a specific raw material.

Empire Strikes Back

But we have to spend all these materials on something. Relax, there will always be something or someone interested in this topic. In CP2 everything costs money. Expanding the shipyard, creating ships Expanding shipyards, creating ships, ordering research – For each of these things we waste the resources we have collected. And then there’s the fleet, which e recruit them in the academy. Crew members have their own individual statistics and we can give them specific tasks to perform. However, it should be remembered that their maintenance also costs money.


An interesting aspect is the interactive map of the galaxy, surrounded by the fog of war. This means that we have to If we do not send the fleet for reconnaissance, we will not learn the location of other planets, the location of other players’ armies, or the presence of pirates. These in turn are computer-controlled opponents who They will be happy to attack our planet. That’s why it makes sense to deal with them quickly. It has a e also have a different meaning, because only liberated planets are suitable for colonization. You did not think that an empire can grow without expanding its territory in impact, true?

An interesting side of building the fleet is the availability of the. We can design our machines ourselves, which of course requires knowledge of the appropriate technology. This little thing, however, makes the whole game takes on a whole new dimension and is no longer linear. Of course, there is nothing to prevent you from investing in ready-made models with standard stats. An army can be sent off-planet for reconnaissance or to patrol the area.

The universe is just way too big for us to be alone

On top of all that, there’s the issue of the relic , or special items on planets. They provide specific bonuses, but require a crew member to activate. In addition, they can be moved between our colonies, depending on whether the effect is useful in a distant province or in the home system. They appear randomly on planets and can be taken over by players. It is worth watching a special section in the game to know what relic has been discovered where. And by whom occupied. In the end you can not always get along well.

My only complaint about CosmoPulse 2.0 is a modest layout. Thanks to the focus on text, the production runs great on any browser and on mobile devices, but it simply lacks images. I mean, it’s not that they are completely absent! Buildings have their pictures, as do the ships, but with the amount of text we have to deal with, you just don’t notice them. Sometimes I felt like I was dealing with a spreadsheet rather than a real game. The visual experience is lacking, although the interactive galaxy map is already impressive. It is surprising that this element is so well done, while the rest of the layout cries out for variety.

Well, it is time to end this writing, because the empire calls. CosmoPulse 2.0 is a good, Polish production. It does not require a huge investment of time if you want to have fun with it. However, if you’re hoping to conquer the galaxy, then things look very different – you have to sit with it all the time. The title offers several development paths, including a non-conflict option, which is a nice change. The only drawback is the excess of text in relation to the modest number of graphics. By the way, strategy fans should feel right at home. There is no shortage of economic, military, and even (in a way) political issues. Have fun colonizing new planets!

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