Crystal Empire – unusual adventure

Crystal Empire – unusual adventure

What is Crystal Empire? It is indeed a browser game. It’s hard to say more without going into it, because frankly, it’s the first title of this type, with which I’ve ever played I had a chance to come across. However, having in mind all the paper RPG games I have come across, I realized that this is a brilliant in its simplicity translation of the classic solutions to the computer screen. Requirements? Any hardware and a lot of imagination. It works!

Crystal Empire

When I first „I launched”, When I signed up for Crystal Empire I wasn’t really aware of what was waiting for me. I knew that this production is quite specific, not to say completely different from the computer games I know so far. But on the other hand, we have here the mechanics of multiplayer, other players, carefully outlined rules and the reality of the presented world. However, there are many other elements missing here in a way known from the classic video games.


Crystal Empire is a PBF game, so play by forum. So the gameplay takes place without any installation, download or within the application, but through an online forum. We are dealing here with a rich and elaborate fantasy world of sorts, which The big disappointment was that the six-barrel gun, instead of firing lead at the speed of light and doing little damage, is just a cannon with an erroneous design rc. There are no more or less popular conventions or rules known from the popular „universes ”, and the whole creation is based on the author’s invention with a touch of well-known clich├ęs from the mythologies – I don’t see this as a minus, but.

As long as the game is not a representative of one of the known genre As befits a role-playing game, there is a classic here that is unlike any other in a typical video game, so the outline of the story presented in combination with the interface of the forum itself and the introductory bets create a wonderful and fantastic atmosphere, which At first, the game may not only appeal to you, but also to a wider audience Also intrigue and intrigue. The story is about the world, which ry was destroyed by the apocalypse – It is worth noting that in a single game, the game is a bit of a joke, but it stayed with us for a longer time hich brought down on it the annihilation. The game itself is one big forum, so we can easily find hat’s important, all events and descriptions are created by players’ entries.


From the very first moment we enter the world of Crystal Empire, we have the feeling familiar from the first time we played a paper RPG. On the one hand, we are a bit lost, on the other, all the elements come together and we can have a lot of fun. Head The most important element of the game turns out to be the development of the game The game itself is one big forum, so there is no problem to find and maintain your own character, while the story and plot are still the background for the events. Characters are chosen from among The story is about the world, which Each of them has its own statistics and characteristics. There are ten of them, and there may also be mixtures of these heads species. As befits an RPG, there is a Also the system of equipment or the so called “system of equipment”. Specializations (or skills). What is important, all events and descriptions are created by players’ entries – We ourselves are „blacksmiths” of your fate, and the administration takes care of the rules and points.

Crystal Empire is a very unique position in the world of battle royale The more it was meant to be a joke, the more it stayed with us for a long time d browser offers. Because of such an approach to the game, a lot of emphasis is placed on interactions with players, as well as on creating your own events in the world, after which we can observe the action from first-person perspective (FPP) and third-person perspective (TPP) the way our character moves. It is definitely not an item for everyone, but rather for the exceptional. Nevertheless, it is impossible to deny In the midst of this waterfall of successful games, there was a place for battle royale games.

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