Cuisine Royale – delicious smash

Cuisine Royale – a delicious smash

At one point in PUBG’s popularity, we saw an incredible rise in the number of battle royale games. Among In this waterfall of more or less successful games, there was room for a game that The book was supposed to be just a joke, but it stayed with us for longer

Cuisine Royale shooter game

On the wave of this success of PUBG, many tw rc began to create battle royale games on the spot, at the lowest possible cost. Some These games were not treated by the mythologists themselves rc seriously, dop The games were not a success, for example Fortnite. Cuisine Royale was not treated by tw rc The game was created as an April Fools’ joke. It was a mini project of sorts for the publisher, which ry wanted to promote another game from their portfolio – the Second World War shooter Enlisted. Cuisine Royale was supposed to bring publicity to tw It was supposed to be just a joke, but it stayed with us for a longer time c in the sale of a major project.

The game turned out to be a success and was released on Steam, where it gained an even wider audience. Not without reason – the core of the game is solid. Ba, I might be tempted to say that some things Cuisine Royale does better than PUBG itself. As befits a true battle royale, we can observe the action from first-person perspective (FPP) and third-person perspective (TPP). It is worth noting that a single game involves thirty players. This is quite a modest number, especially compared to the competition – usually it is about a hundred players on one server.

Wasted potential?

Cuisine Royale shooter game

The very name of the game suggests that it is not a realistic and serious shooter. I don’t consider it a minus, but Cuisine Royale would have found a huge fan base If only it was dressed in serious assets. Not only firearms, but also colanders, waffle irons and frying pans will help us in the fight for survival. These kitchen accessories serve as armor for certain body parts. Other items trigger a certain behavior of the hero, or raise their stats. For example, a bag of blood hanging over our head will make our life points regenerated automatically, others “ornaments” reduce weapon recoil, etc.

While we’re on the subject of items/equipment, let’s talk about looting, which is the most important part of the game BR games are mostly based on. It is better than PUBG, but still not perfect. When you kill an enemy player, all sorts of items literally spill out of them kt I’d like to draw your attention to a few more aspects of the gameplay mechanics. There are usually a lot of them, they lie very close to each other and wyr are subtitled. The result is an unreadable pile of writing – it is hard to collect a single item in this situation. |

Different than all

Cuisine Royale is a shooter game

In Cuisine Royale we have no influence on where we start the game. In Fortnite or PUBG, you jump out of a flying vehicle and land anywhere you want. Here the game with g hich dictates where you start. It has its advantages – we will never be reborn next to another player, so we have enough time to collect necessary items The kitchen accessories serve as armor for certain parts of your body, but this has a There is also a drawback: we are often reborn in a building in which rym there are no useful objects. While we are on the subject of gameplay mechanics, I would like to draw your attention to I would like to draw your attention to a few more aspects .

As I mentioned above, thirty players take part in a single game – I have the impression that the maps are a bit too big for such a number. Perhaps it is not a matter of the size of the maps, but of too long intervals In time, the zones shrink. The zones themselves The life points are slightly different from those in other BRs’. When we are at its border, it makes sounds that The zones themselves will give you the creeps, making it difficult to locate another player. Outside the safe zone (as in all battle royale games) we lose life points. Interestingly, the area outside the zone is covered with a deep fog, so no spos b to enter into confrontation with other players. It is an interesting solution. There are no annoying situations, which are e know from PUBG. There, more than once, it happens that players enter into an exchange of fire outside the zone. Usually one of them wins this fight, but then dies anyway due to losing a point in health outside the zone, which is disadvantageous for both of them. The shooting model is quite clumsy, but still feels realistic. Weapons have a lot of recoil and it takes a lot of effort to fire an accurate burst. Here again, I regret that Cuisine Royale is not a game taken seriously.

Cuisine Royale shooter game

The game is optimized almost perfectly, has low requirements, and at the same time looks stunning. All reflections, light splits, dynamic shadows, and animations stand at a very high level. The audio is just as good. The gunshots are ultra immersive. It is easy to The business model is very similar to that of PUBG of why these items come.

It is worth noting that Cuisine Royale is a free game, and micropayments are not intrusive in any way. The business model is very similar to the one e can buy cosmetic items and so called “ornaments” from Fortnite. “Wild West Story Book”, which The game includes unique cosmetic character upgrades and more challenges (these The maps are also very similar to those in Fortnite). Loot boxes appear here, but they are also used in the game in a ridiculous way. We find them on the map during the match, they are decorative ice kami.

To sum up: Cuisine Royale is first of all a very nice game with great gameplay. It’s a pity that it was created as a kind of a joke, because the game engine itself, the The maps and shooting model are a great fit for Battle Royale’set in the Second World War.

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