Dark Era – for time travel enthusiasts

Dark Era – for the passionate in the journey live in time

You’re into sub-genre themes You live in time? Are you a fan of Julius Caesar or Kratos? Arthur? You like Robin Hood and Joanne D’Arc? If at least one answer is „Yes”, then Dark Era may be just what you are looking for.

Game outline

Head The main foundation of the game is the theme of the e live in time, and the story itself as for a MMORPG is quite extensive. Tw The creators of the Dark Era did not limit themselves to fantasy, but mixed it also with events and historical figures.

Dark Era

And in this way we have created an interesting mix of storyline, in which e have the opportunity to accompany Kr e can also join Arthur and Merlin in search of Excalibur, fight alongside Julius Caesar for power or even go on a journey to the kingdom You will travel to Mars to visit the mythical Kratos. All together a region There are seven of them available in the temporal. Some are more fiction-historical, others less, but all are nteresting days.


There are only three classes available in the game. These are: Wizzard, Assassin and Berserker. WIzzard bases his skills on elemental magic The Berserker is a typical strong warrior who attacks with a two-handed sword. Works well in individual and area attacks. The Assassin is fast and agile, camouflages well, and can surprise you with a two-pronged attack ch dagger. Berserker is a typical, strong warrior attacking with a two-handed sword, characterized by considerable strength and offensive skills. In addition, all characters in the game have an individual tree of class development.

Dark Era

A opr and what has already been mentioned

Intermediate crafting is available in the game. It looks more or less like the ingredients we need fall out of the monsters we kill or we can buy them from other players (we e can also play in this way b earn). If we have a sufficient number of required items In the game we can practically upgrade or craft almost every available weapon. In addition, if we get bored with the tasks we have a lot of alternatives. We can take part in raffles, contests, The downside is that we have the opportunity to accompany players on various events, get married or found a guild (or join one). We also have a number of challenges at our disposal, testing our skills and for the winner valuable prizes await you. Worth noting is the also an interesting system „pets”, kt e can own.

At the very beginning of the game we receive two A few helpful companions to help in the gameplay. This is a horse that ry, as befits a brave mount, will speed up our journey e have a griffin to help us in battle. But that’s not all because at a later stage of the game, we encounter such fantastic creatures as giant scorpions or armored boars that look awesome. Another important element of the The games that are available in Dark Era are e can fight in PvP mode in different kinds of fights.

Dark Era

On the minus side

In my opinion, micropayments included in the game are a bit excessive, which Sometimes, if we don’t use them, our character turns out to be much weaker in comparison with others. And the modest number of classes is very noticeable, because after all, three is not enough.

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