Dark Orbit How is the browser classic doing

Dark Orbit: How the browser classic is doing?

The game was created back in 2006 and it is a work of German company Bigpoint. We play here as a pilot of a spaceship and fight for one of three sides of the conflict – Earth Industries Corporations, Mars Mining Operations and Venus Resources Unlimited. Despite such complex names, we will not see here an extended story beyond the skr The motives and rhetoric of these corporations are described in detail. Our task is to do the best for our employers by collecting raw materials and in, fighting with aliens or opposing players.

Dark Orbit

Graphically Dark Orbit looks pretty good. The isometric view and the recently improved 3D client give a simple, yet friendly feel. When it comes to sound, each faction has a sw j characteristic ambient, which ry unfortunately after some time it becomes too monotonous and we end up replacing it with our own music.

The hard life of a pilot

The title describes itself as an action shooter, but very quickly the player will realize that this is a typical farm MMO. Actually, there is shooting each other with opponents, however, in addition to targeting sw j objective and little maneuvering, you won’t see much action here. The matter looks even simpler with minerals and crates, which They are just waiting for us to fly up to them and with one click take over. Theoretically this isn’t such a bad thing for a game that relies on farming, but you quickly realize how long you’ll have to perform the exact same action to accomplish anything.

And here we come to my main No real complaint about the game – lack of in making the gameplay easier for new players. In the world of Dark Orbit there are many minerals to be collected and exchanged, but the two currencies that really count are – credits and uridium. The former is quite easy to obtain and allows us to quickly arm our The problem arises, however, when we want to equip the ship with basic accessories. The problem arises, however, when you want to know it for the old-timers. Ot The first one is quite easy to get and allows you to quickly arm your – premium currencies, kt the collection process in the game is incredibly slow. In theory, there is an auction house where you can bid on any item with credit in, although I haven’t noticed much traffic there, which can make it even more difficult to get the best equipment. I can understand that – production has to earn money somehow, so it gives way to skr you in the form of a store for real money. Unfortunately, the amount of sector the game is quite small as for MMO, which makes it often hit the veteran in hunting novices (which, by the way, is similarly rewarded as fighting opponents of the same level). This combination can be frustrating, especially If you are going to spend a lot of time on this game. Rescue here may be two initial systems, where we can not be attacked, but the rewards for shooting down are correspondingly lower.

Dark Orbit

Space Timer

Despite these disadvantages In my opinion Dark Orbit is an interesting proposition for a simple MMO game, from which if we expect a little demanding time killer. Having it fired up in the adjacent tab and returning to it from time to time, I admit that I felt a certain fun, and the credits were falling. However, it’s hard for me to say anything about the higher level and PvP games, because the vast majority of players are veterans, which I didn’t have the slightest chance. It’s free and available right now though, so maybe it won’t hurt spr I would like to.

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