You wanted to become a farmer Farm Simulator Online will make it easier for you

You wanted to be a farmer? Farm Simulator Online will make it easy for you

As a child, I was attracted to farm machinery, and the most important thing is that I have a lot of fun with it lnie tractor. Surely many of you wanted to live like a farmer, cultivate the land and get up when the rooster crows. Although the vast majority has been verified by reality, Farm Simulator Online will help us fulfill our childhood dreams. What is this innovative game?

The highly addictive game is based on strategic decisions made on the simulator-farms The player’s goal is to manage the farm in such a way that it constantly m To develop them, hire another employee in and – what seems clear – profit. This very interesting idea is an innovation on the market of online titles in the browser-based.

Farm Simulator Online farm game

What awaits us in Farmland Simulator Online?

Every farmer starts with a small farm. In the game we have the opportunity to expand the farm by hiring employees The game is very interesting, but at the same time clear and easy to understand. Very interesting solution used by tw rc are random events. Employee pool in the Employment Office may run out of money, equipment may break down, and even the police has the right to catch you for not having a valid third party liability!

For now, there is a lack of available animals (in the game we can breed chickens and bees), but tw The developers have already met the expectations of the players – kr will soon appear liki, and this is certainly not the last word. However, this does not mean that the game does not reflect reality – The stock market is very well developed ż. Each player must carefully watch the crop prices in which you have to sell it when the price is most favorable. For each achievement we are entitled to Experience Points, which You can not only buy, sell and scrap, but also.

But that’s not all!

Great fun is guaranteed – how else – farming equipment. Not only can you buy, sell and scrap, but you can also… improve. Can you imagine a tuned tractor? Yes, in Farming Simulator Online this is possible, and putting a bigger engine in your tractor is not unusual. Of course, not only the tractor or combine harvester lives. The game allows you to trade all machines and equipment, which re a farmer needs to work.

What else „obligations” are waiting for us? Employees will demand raises, training and properly planned vacations. Every item you buy needs to be repaired regularly as it wears out during the fieldwork. What’s more, your responsibilities in will be to invest in the expansion of the buildings The game allows you to trade all the machines which are used in the farm for garages, barns or utility rooms. The logistics department will also become an important part of our career – After all, fuel, fertilizers or seeds for planting will not come to you by themselves!

Tw farming community in Farmland Simulator Online

A very good decision tw rc in which ra positively influences playability is the possibility to compete with other players. What’s more, running chat allows you to have full contact with them and exchange views about the course of the game. In this way b we get a complete simulation of life in the countryside, without leaving home.

In our opinion, Farm Simulator Online is an entertainment for many hours of fun. It will definitely give you a taste of agricultural adventure without leaving home!

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